Learn more words for things you can find in a kitchen by doing these exercises.


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The most thing I use in the kitchen are the sponge and the sink.

Dear Sir
This is regarding the apostrophe: it is used for a missing letter one or more. I am I correct?
For example we can say 2 o' clock I think the 'apostrophe' is standing for four letters
Namely 'f t h e' meaning '2 of the clock' but I am not sure.
I am I correct? Please let me know..
Thank you.
Andrew international

Hello Andrew international,

That is correct. The apostrophe replaces one or more missing letters, though often the original form is so old that it is no longer used at all. As you say, o'clock is a shortened form of of the clock.

Even the possessive form 's is a shortened form of the Old English (Anglo-Saxon) form es, though few people know this today!



The LearnEnglish Team

Among the things listed above I use the most my fridge. It does not let me lose weight! )))

I often use frying pan.
From this task I finally know that there's a dishwasher in the world. I hate doing the dishes...

Most of things from list are in my kitchen but except microwave,toaster and dishwasher.these items are not quite common in indian home particularly in nort territory.besides,a man made small oven that access by pieces of wood.

What I use the most in my kitchen is a dishwasher. I love food but I'm not good at cooking and I hate doing the dishes.. I'm in progress though.

My rice cooker is not on the list!

Hi ,

In this exercise I have been noticed that some pictures the " speaker" button does not work , for exemple : fridge or microwave


Hi Shiiya,

I've tested the page and the audio links are working correctly, including for fridge and microwave. I can only guess that there is some local issue with your connection which prevented all elements on the page from loading correctly.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hi everyone !

The most thing that I use in kitchen is sponge and sink because I am in charge to wash the dish every day , i like to do it .
And We haven´t got toaster and dishwasher in our home , actually the dishwasher isn´t common in our country