Learn more words for things you can find in a kitchen by doing these exercises.


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Intermediate: B1


I almost use sponge, sink, saucepan, knife, plates, spoon and frying pan , but I don't have toaster and microwave oven

things that i use the most is the fridge , saucepan ,sink , sponge and the sink .

The things which i use most are frying fan and stove, these things are necessary to cook or fry any thing in kitchen.

i use knife, cutting board and saucepan very regularly, almost every day for my daily diet. i can use these things to cook salad and noodle soup, simple but very healthy, i'm quite satisfied with it.

I usually use oven,airfryer,saucepan when i cook,but i don't have a microwave oven.

Usually for breakfast what I use most are the gadgets like microwave, toaster, juicer, refrigerator, as well as knife, spoon, glasses and plates. After breakfast I usually put the cutlery and plates into dishwasher, but in our house have others gadgets like oven, sink, washing machine, freezer, frying pans, pots, etc.

I almost use saucepan, sink, fridge, frying pan and sponge in my kitchen. They are easier for me to cook a simple meal.
And i have got chopsticks, knives, stove and dishes in my kitchen too. I love cooking but i cook once in a blue moon.

i use sink , saucepan , fridge and sponge

Hello everyone today's my first day and I'm so excited I use a lot saucepan,microwave,toaster.since we don't have a dishwasher i use sponge and washing-up liquid! I also use a lot blender to make smoothies.

I use everything except the dishwasher - I do not have it. My favorite technique is a coffee machine - I prepare expresso and cappuccino.