Learn more words for things you can find in a kitchen by doing these exercises.


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Intermediate: B1


i love coffee

I use all the above apart from a dishwasher which i don't have, i have a kettle tumble dryer
knife folk spoon pizza cutter, spitter to put on a frying pan deep fryer a tea pot .Tea suger bread and biscuit set. that weren't in the pictures.

I use my oven to cook stamnagathi (spiny chicory) . it is cretan delicious kind of greens.

I mostly use a "wok" to prepare my meals. Also I use a rice cooker almost daily...

- I use sponge, fridge almost.
- Something which are not in list are rice cooker, kettle, knife

Well, I use my toaster and frying pan everyday to make breakfast, I also use the microwave to heat my dinner, and sometimes I use the oven to prepare some pizza. I have a blender, in which I prepare delicious juice.

In the kitchen, the most I use is the sponge, cause I do not have the dishwasher.
The main thing not in the above list is the stove. There is a stove in my kitchen :P

I have all of them, except the dishwasher, and I use them daily.

i use the microwave oven and the blender

I use all of this things in my kitchen in equal parts except dishwasher, because i haven't it. Also i use the teapot, knife, spoon, fork, plate and cup.