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I eat meat every day. Generally cow, but I like any of others

The meat is good for health as usually said. I often eat about Eur 60 per week. Around me no vegeterian is founded

Ohh Sir Peter M, You are angry at me,,, But sorry i have not too much experience in English and want to have.

In this sentence "Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second?" Why here we are using the Word "Refreshed" while it is present indefinite tense,,, can we not use only "Refresh"

Hello Inqilab,

A few days ago you asked a similar question about a sentence with a present continuous form. I explained that it had a passive infinitive. This example also has a passive infinitive.

must refresh = must + infinitive

must be refreshed = must + passive infinitive



The LearnEnglish Team

I m a vegetarian and I never eat meat (non-veg). and I don't like any type of meat.

I don't eat ham or bacon or sausages, because I'm allergic to pork meat.
I like all others kind of meat.
I don't know any vegetarian.

I enjoy all kinds of meat specially sausages; but I think it's not healthy for human kind to eat much meat. In my opinion every strange disease such as cancer and tumors come from meat. Maybe fish is better

I eat little meat but I like it very much. My favorite meat is steak.

I don´t eat meat very much actually about two times a month due it isn´t health and nowadays is very expensive too we can´t afford it anymore albeit I love barbecue , we have been eaten fish and chicken and I love them .I think I´ve never ever eat lamb , duck and grab . And prawns just only in special occasion due the price is prohibitive