Do these vocabulary exercises and learn the names of some birds, insects and other animals.


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I don't live far from the sea so sometimes i see crabs, and i had a budgie when i was a kid.

dove, swallow, budgie.
frog, crab,
beetle, cockroach, flea, spider, millipede.

Hello ! everyone

I just see a dove , actually I have seen them everyday in my backyard looking for food , I dont like them because they make a lot of dirtness ( I think you know what a mean ) .
I dont want to have any of them , because I think they aren´t domestic pet at all

done with animals and insects

Today I have been on the sea and have seen crabs. Also I usually see a lot of beetles, millipedes and frogs because I live in the countryside.

Wild animals,streets and roads,transport 2 and this section of vocabulary
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Other one's working very well.

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Some these animals are common for me except penguin. I don't like to have a pet like these, but my cats and dogs have some fleas and the spiders live in the garden.