Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for more vegetables.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


The most vegetable which i like is courgettes. I like pumpkin least.

I prefer pumpkins and I do not like may be cassava

The vegetable that I like the most is radish, and the one I like the least is the artichoke.

I prefer broccoli and I do not like pumpkin

i love eating spinach and leeks, but i don
t like green beans that much.

I quite like all kinds of vegetables, especially, it is broccoli. It contains high vitamin C as I know from my doctor's advice. Sometimes, I make a glass of broccoli juice mixing with some oranges. I also cook a plate of noodle with some broccolies there. So, remembering to eat, remembering about the broccoli. :)

all words are considered new for me. there are some vegetables not present in my country. what is cassava ?? is there yellow courgettes ?? is radish has reddish roots not white ?? I like all vegetables. Spinach with meat is my favorite dish. Leeks is used with taro in some countries and it is very tasty.

I like all vegetables

I like broccoli most and I hate to eat spinach

I like pumpkins but don't like garlic