Why were you late for work?


I like this section- jokes & play on words.
Hope this site do more segments on pun and jokes ;)


Funny. This person might be 8 in the family....

It´s funny but I am slow to undestand it.

We need to increase our level, is it really a joke?

maybe its very modern joke which we didn't understand it.
ha ha ha

So funny.... as he challenge his boss (with lazy face) if he could distinguish two different meanings of the same sentence.

am not understand? any one help?

Hello murali745,

The joke is based on a play on words. Usually 'set for seven' refers to the time - seven o'clock. Here the speaker is speaking as if it means 'seven people' - and he was person number eight, so did not wake up.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team