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Our listeners' musical talents are the topic for discussion this episode. Tess and Ravi tell you all about the drink British people are famous for loving.

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Do you drink tea or coffee? How do you make it? With or without milk? With or without sugar? What other things do people in your country like to drink?

We always enjoy reading your comments and we read some of them out in the following episode.


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Hello, I like tea with cheese and jam in winter, when around is cold and in summer I usually drink coffee.

Hello! again,people of my country like to drink tea than coffee .But we have got turkish coffee.ı prefer to drink it .it is a good drink .in my country when someone visit  its friend or its family ,first giving it a cup of turkish coffe and we usually drink tea with breakfast in the morning.ı have breakfast with tea in my work everymorning,ı like to do thisand ı usually drink two cup of tea then ı start to work.at the same time after lunchtime ıf ı drink a cup of tea ,ı feel relaxed mine .But ı hope tea was drink in the China years ago than England ,tea was come to the England from China and british people usually drink black tea but chine people usually drink gereen tea .is it true? ı dont know.ıf someone know tea history ,can talk us?

Iam from sudan .in my country all pepole liks tea and coffee . I love to drink tea with milk its agreat

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Hi there.
Saudia tea is similar to British tea , but there're  bit differences
the steps to make saudia tea are:-
- First, pour water in the kettle.
- Wait until the water boils
- Put sugger in the teapot
- Pour some water into the teapot - without fulling it-
- then,Let it stand for 5 minuets or until the sugger meltted
- Pour  the rest of water into teapot
- Put tea bag or tea leave in teapot
Finally, pour the tea ino the teacup and serve it

hello every body, my name is irfan shabber and belong to pakistan.my favourite drink tea and coffee.im new usser here,some one help me there oppion

I have tried drinking tea with milk and sugar but i prefer coffee.


It's great to talk s but i prefre tea than coffee and the quality of coffe depend the production and process in each factory .

Dear Tess and Ravi,
The Chinese have been drinking tea for thousand years. Nowadays, there are still many people drink tea all the time. Usually, we don't drink with milk or sugar. We don't pick some tea leaves from caddy to throw in a tea pot or a big cup and then pour in boiling water. We don't use tea bag often because people think the tea should store in a sealed container to keep it freshing. There are lots kinds of tea in China. Green tea, red tea, Tie Guanyin and oolong tea etc.