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Your comments about British food - and Carolina has a suggestion about a boy for Emily!

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Do you enjoy going to the cinema? What sort of films do you like watching? How about films from your country? Are there any you’d recommend to other podcast listeners?


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hello everybody. my english is not very well. I think this site can help me to improve my language.

hello everyone!
I'm from Azerbaijan.I have to learn English because it's always barrier in front of me.Beforehand thanks everyone

hi everyone
I hope this site can help improve my english skill.

Thank you so much !!

it's  very great website, and it's the best way to develope my english language > i trust 

Hello everybody, I'm a new student, I would like to improve my English and be helpful to young English students in my little town. This site is very interesting, I wish to learn  and make many  friends.

yes i enjoy going to the cinema,i like action end horror film.

hi everybody,I'm new one here.I'm from Algeria,I like English and i want to learn more about it,i hope that this site can help me to develop my language skills...
but can you help me to use it well??
thank you....

hi everyone
I'm from Vietnam, i'm also new member. My english isn't good, everyone can help me..(kill listening and writing)

hi everyone ,I am a new  student , i hope to get what i need  to improve my english