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Your comments about British food - and Carolina has a suggestion about a boy for Emily!

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Do you enjoy going to the cinema? What sort of films do you like watching? How about films from your country? Are there any you’d recommend to other podcast listeners?


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Intermediate: B1


I enjoy go to the cinema. But actually I can't do it becouse I have a baby. Is dificult watch a film with her. She enjoy play and don't be quiet. Maybe We can do it when she has more age.

I like the cinema, and my favorite films are the action or comedy movies. I really enjoy the cinema but I do not have enough time to go frequently. I have a baby, he is two years old and is very difficult for me and my husband go to the cinema. However when we can, we go with he and we see an animation film.

Hi guys.

I´m from brazil, and i like watch movies and series.

This moment, i watch series called Power, with rapper 50 Cent. Good series.

I watch last week the movie Ted 2, great comedy movie.

This is it...

Bye :)

I don't often go to the cinema, probably 1-2 times a month. I couldn't say that I prefer definite kinds of movie. I like any film where there is interesting unusual story and humor. For example I like "Terminator 2", "Forrest Gump", "Men in black", "The Expendables 2".

hi guys I like to play cricket and I am also learn English

Hi,everybody. I like to cook delicious cake. I learn english.i want improve my English

Hello everyone),

I heard many times about how bad British food. I don't understand this, I think it's unfair. I live in Britain and can say that here there is a big variety of food, fresh and cooked. You can make what you want using products from a shop or go to any restaurant. I think meat and fish dishes are approximately the same everywhere. In my opinion, the main role plays spices and kitchen herbs, that's why one or another national cuisine becomes popular all over the world. In England there isn't anything special like a national spicy, probably so they say that the English cuisine (food) is "not very".
By the way, opposite me, across the road there is a wonderful China kitchen take away. I often use it because there are many tasty dishes there, one of them is my favourite. It is a 'special chicken curry'. It is a medium spicy, soft and just delicious dish!) I eat it usually with boiled or fried rice.

I have never gone to the cinema because I prefer watching films at home. I love many kinds of movies for example action movies, science fiction movies, comedy movies, adventure movies, drama movies and animation movies. I don't like horror and musical movies. The most movies I love is adventure and historical movies. In fact, I love movies that tell a real story like drama or historical ones. I really love them. In my country, Iraq because of wars and poor there isn't any production of good films. I recommended Forrest Gump, Gladiator, kingdom of heaven, Brave heart, the patriot, saving private Rayyan, enemy at the gates, the lord of the ring, The avatar, face off, cold mountain, bad boys, we were soldiers, war of the worlds, the matrix, the titanic and many other movies.

It's really nice to have practice here. It's very learning

Hello there:
I like go to cinema although I should go more frequently. Sometimes I think it don't like me as much as it should be. In general I enjoy science fiction and documentry films a lot. Animation and action, too. I remember that in my university days I was a fan of 'die hard' movies; they were (in 1990s) a series of movies such what today is named 'saga'. Musical and horror are not in my preferences.