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Your comments about British food - and Carolina has a suggestion about a boy for Emily!

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Hi Adam,
I would like to know about the series 3 and the next series are available to download in Ipad and Iphone. I have downloaded the series 1 and 2 but the series 3 not yet, because is not available.
I like to congratulate to LearnEnglish Team, i'm improving my english with this site and this content,
Thank you!!!

Hi Stellamaris,
You can access series 3 on  your iPhone or iPad by subscribing to it as a podcast.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

good afternoon i do not know anything about competition

its realy heapfull

hi all 

Want to learn English with people with the same interest, also make some new friend here, thank you.

I would like too, how can I contact you?

hi.I want to speak with you

hi. how do you want to speak whit??

Hi, evrybody....I'm really happy to learn English....so thanks for all britishcouncil !!!