Adam reads your comments about families and we find out if Carolina is feeling any better.

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  • Where do you go and what do you do to cheer yourself up when you feel sad?
  • Can you visit the countryside and nature easily where you live?
  • What contact do you have with nature in your day-to-day life?

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unfortunatley I live in a city, a big city, they destroy all the green environment , the gardens and they cut trees and build tall buildings whithout any plan, or using expertise to do that .
Now we can see green area in parks or some small gardens on the city and we can go to the mountains in north of city to see lake and trees.

when I feel sad nothing makes me feel good, but usually talking with a friend or doing a hobby like playing mobile games or playing sports make me feel better and forget my sadness for a while . but it is not last for a long time and as soon as I go home, specially at night when I go to sleep I remember my sadness and I start crying.
sometimes I forget the problem after a day but sometimes the grief is terrible and it takes much time to forget that , anyway time is a healer it help us to forget all the happy and sad memories. nothing lasts forever. all the bad and good days past.

Hello parisaach
I just wanted to send you good wishes.
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I live in a village and the main town in the district where I live is surrounded with a lot of nature. It exists a farm in the same county where children can learn where milk, eggs, cheese, meat etc. come from. The farm produces only food without or very little fertilizer and chemistry. This is called 'biological food' in my country. I think that visiting such a farm is only suitable for children because it's boring for adults as they probably know where their food comes from.

If I feel bad I go to bed and afterwards I feel much better. Sometimes I practice on a cross trainer but I never feel better afterwards.


Hello everyone,
When I feel so sad, I usually hang out with my friends and eat or drink something. It makes me feel better and comfortable. My family lives in the countryside. I work in the city and every time I am stressed, I go home, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the cool wind blow over my hair. The living is so noisy and rushed. Nature helps me love my life more. I have a cactus on the pot in my working desk as a contacting with nature. It's pretty.
Thank you.


How nice Emily is. She must be the best friend of Carolina. well, when I'm feeling bad or when something made me depress, I go to the gym and do some exercise. It makes me feel better. it is always good for your mind and health. If I want to go to a place where I can take a breath of fresh air, there is a botanic garden on a top of the mountain near my city. People can get on a cable car to get to the botanic garden. Although I haven't been there, It seems pretty fun. and People can see a nice view of the city from the top of the mountain.

When I feel sad or bad I try to fill my time with running in park and listening some music or talk to someone make me feel better , and always when you are a foreign you will find someone who doesn´t like foreign , nowadays the world have been facing a rise of xenophobia because the increase number of immigrant , unfortunatety . I think we should have open our mind and see the world as only one for everybody

Carolina have a problem with the language and the people of other nationality. I had been a problem of the people of countryside because my memories of my family. I cried very much. but i love the countryside. the song of birds. the loud of water. it is not comparable with the downtown of the great city. the silence of the nature is magical. the life in the countryside is not incomparable.


I felt very sorry for Carolina I'm venezuelan too and her history is quite common nowdays for the pretty bad sociopolitical situation and the lack of food and medicine here in Venezuela, separated families, venezuelans suffering a kind of xenofobia...

Firstly, I most of the time either go to the gym or play tennis because I feel much better and forget everything that makes me feel upset while I am working out.
Secondly, unfortunately I can't visit the countryside and nature easily owing to the location of the city where I live. There is no attractive countryside in the city which I live so I have to drive at least 3 hours if I want to go to the nature. Therefore I have dıffıculty in going to the countryside. The only thing I have with nature im daily life is to grow flower at home. I love my flowers and they make me feel good when I look at them.

All the best..