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Carolina and Emily are also back for Series 4! Along with Jo and Adam, they talk about the time of year when bargains can be had – the January sales!

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  • How do you feel about the sales – do you love them or hate them?
  • When's the most popular time for sales in your country?

Leave a comment and we'll discuss some of your answers in the next podcast.


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In my country nearly all of clothes shops have end-of-season sales in the end of summer and winter. They sale clothes to empty their stocks and bring new season clothes.
Another time that people like to buy cheap things in my country, is the day before our new year. I remember when I was young I liked to go out with my sister the last day of year and we usually went to Bazar [the biggest market in my city]. There were many shops and venders around venders sold very cheap and interesting things and shopkeepers brang their wares outside and they sold things cheaper. We enjoyed of buying cheaper goods though it was so crowded.
Now I don't like to go to those places in the end of year because I really don't enjoy of buying the things I want when all the people push you and, wait long time to using fitting room. Actually I hate buying in crowded places I'd rather buy when the shops are empty and quiet.

I think i'm not really interested in sales, during this period shopes are very crowded and people go crazy. They jostle in the aisles, fighting each other for clothes, computers and almost for evey things, they even spend sleepless nights in front of the shopping centres and for what purpse? to buy something maybe they don't really need it. What kind of a crazy world are we living in?


I don't buy at the sales because I would have to travel to the nearest town by public transport. If I bought something in town and I would want to give something back I would need to travel back to this town again, which always costs money and a lot of time.

I mainly buy by mail order shopping. I've got two weeks to decide whether I keep the goods. If I wanted to give them back I could do that at a shop in the same village where I live.

I don't buy t-shirts for less than 20 euro because I'm expecting bad quality then. I hope that the material is at least 99 per cent cotton. The conditions under which the workers work are of no importance for me.


I really like sales in all time .I'm enjoy .

Hi Everyone,
I agree with Carolina What she say is true everything But there are the system all over the world. System name is capitalism. No longer we live with it. I am sorry say that is our life sytle. we did it. we have been depletive comminty while we had been producing comminty. we are eating the world. we will not find to produce anything. We will eat everything. The capitalism is like a snowball effect. İt is getting big day by day. We have a lots things. cars, TV, high tecnology mobile phone, foods etc. in Future We will not find to even for eat a bread. We must stop. in future is very dark. good night. sweat dreams if There are asleep people.

hello guys
i don't like sales because crowd and noisy, i think it's useless (my opinion), i think if you want, like or need the things you can buy it even if it's not in seals but sometimes some shops have good seals that i want see them especially if they be BRANDS.

Hi! I'm Emily (yes, like Emily from the poadcast :-) ) and I'm from Italy.
I don't like so much the sale's period, because I hate the crowd in the shops. Plus, it happens that i don't find the things that I need, especially about my size. I prefer to buy throughout other part of the year, not in january.

Hi ,
I really like sales but I don´t like crowd , unfortunately in my country sales like "Black Friday" is a false discount they first rise the price and then on Black Friday they announce it on 50% off , sometimes them only have 10% off , but people in country become crazy in this time of the year , they buy a brand new mobile that they don´t need , they buy a such beautiful new shoes that they don´t need and so on , I can´t believe that .

Hi My name is Yueh-Jung. I am from Taiwan. I like go shopping but often just look. I like discount and sales to buy what I need. It's depend on my purpose to decide to like or unlike the crowd. The things looks like cheaper, but I still spend more of my budget. In fact ,It's more expensive on sale for me :( .

Certainly I don't like sales at all, because of the big amount of people inside the shops. I hate crowds! But, unlike me, my wife loves sales. She's very fond of them.
When I need something, I go to one or other shop to get it, no matter if we're in sales time or not.
Greetings from Madrid (Spain).