Tess and Ravi are back to talk about shopping in London, and Jo and Adam look at how to use the word 'too' in different ways.

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  • What are your favourite places to go shopping where you live?
  • Do you like shopping centres? Markets?
  • Have you been to any of the places in London that Tess and Ravi talked about? Or would you like to?

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Hello Sagar1234,

Both sentences are correct and there is no difference in meaning in this context. 'Stick' here is an intranstive verb, while 'stuck' is an adjective. There are many such examples, such as 'it is starting' vs 'it is getting started' or 'he is dressing' vs 'he is getting dressed'.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Peter,

Thanks a lot for clarifying my doubt.
You people are really doing a very good job. i really appreciate your work.


Hi there.
I hate shopping in my country, in Czech republic, because our shops are too expensive. But I love shopping in the UK. When I was in the UK last year, I didn´t understand how is possible. I bought lots of clothes and it was cheaper than in CR. That was crazy for me. And this year I bought lots of clothes again. But I hate shopping in Oxford street, because there is a lot of people. I like to buy clothes in Primark and Lilly White. Incredible.

Hi , considering shopping in my country.. it depends : women like shopping very much . and they spend very long time shopping for example one might spend the whole day shopping and ending up with one piece of cloth or perhaps nothing.
men on the other hand, spend very few minutes shopping .ie. they go shopping with a goal for instance if they want to buy for example a blue shirt .. they visit only one or two shops or a market and buy it. so it very hard to find a man go shopping with a woman.. and it happened he will suffer

i am from sudan

actually I don't like shopping, I feel confuse when I want to buy something and I don't find what I want. in my city "Aleppo" there are a lot of shopping center and because of war everything is gone. I hope if my city recovered and I promise myself to like shopping.

I like go shopping, in my city there are many luxury shops... When I walk along the main street, I seem to be in London or New York, but I brought some clothes or shoes only when they are in sales.

Hi every one l have problem here l can't watch the videos here and l have modern phone. if some one could help me

Hello kaboos,

I'm afraid you need to have a device with Flash compatibility to watch the videos. I suggest trying a desktop or laptop computer.

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The LearnEnglish Team

In my city there is a shopping destination can New Market. It is best for getting all sorts of things at affordable prices. The shops even don't have fixed rates for there varieties so I can bargain a little with the shopkeeper to low the prices.