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To negate or not to negate? Shakespeare and negative verb forms are the topics the team speak about in this week's episode.

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  • Is Tess right – do non-British people like Shakespeare more than the British do?
  • What do you think of him?
  • Did you study Shakespeare at school? Which is your favourite play?
  • Tell us what you think of some famous writers from your country.

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Well. In Vietnam we only have the chance to read Romeo & Juliet at school. His style of writing is quite different from our one . Most of the people in my country know well about that play but only some people know about Shakespeare. If we want to find out more about Shakespeare and his plays, we go to bookstores or search for him on the internet. I know some of his plays such as King Lear and Hamlet through a Japanese comic called Glass mask. In Vietnam, the best well-knowned writer perhaps is Nguyen Du, he famous for a poet called Kieu's story.

Hello everybody. In Russia (and I suppose in all ex-USSR countries) Shakespeare's plays are studied at school. To be honest, I didn't like them very much at that time, but years later I has become a real Shakespeare's fan. I think "Romeo and Juliet" is the greatest story ever written about love - love that people are looking for and can't find.

Now I'm trying to read Shakespeare in English, and it's really difficult for me, but I hope good to reading skills. And it's very intresting to know which Russian writers are known in Britain?

I am from Spain and if you wnat my opinion I think that Dostoieski is one of the best writers ever and Crime and punishment is one of the best books ever written.
Recently I have been reading some short stories and some plays written by Chejov and I have to say that they are great.

Hello Roman_the_First,

Russian literature has a very high reputation and names such as Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Checkov and Pushkin are very well known. Of course, most people read them in translation!


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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello British Council Team

This new website is nice but I can not finish the task (the "check answer" and "submit buttons do not appear) using Ubuntu in my computer as I could in the past. I can do that in my android tablet though.
I know that Ubuntu linux is not the most common O.S. nowadays, but I would be great if you could test if this problem happen in all linux computers and, if si, fix it.
Thank you in advance.

Hello David Gonzalez Folgueiras, 

Thank you for letting us know about this. We are working on the problem and we hope to have it solved very soon.


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The LearnEnglish Team

I use Ubuntu and I have the same problem, too!

hello everyone!
I heard about Shakespeare a lot, and he is a great writer, But I didn't read any of his books.
about the most famous writers in my country Sudan, Tayeb Salih concern one of the famous writers in the Sudan and in lots of country. he is famous with his novel Season of Migration to the North.

I didn´t have to study Shakespeare at school but I´m currently reading a spanish version of Hamlet which is quite difficult to understand. On the other hand, we had one of the most great writers in the world: Gabriel García Máqruez who won a nobel prize with "100 years of solitude" in 1981. I´m reading it at the moment too.

Hi, I am Tetyana from Ukraine. I have android app on my mobile phone and I was learned podcasts via this gadget.
To my regret app does not allow to practice language exercises as at you website. So today I am here.
Shakespeare is well known in our country. A lot of theaters put on his plays. I am quite old so when I studied at school we did not learn Shakespeare in details. But self education gave our generation huge ability to be impressed of his genius masterpieces.
We have our own worldwide known poet Taras Shevchenko who was and now is the sole and heart of our nation.
Good luck to everyone.