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Tell us about your favourite time of day. 

Are you happiest in the morning or at night? Or maybe in the afternoon?


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Intermediate: B1


I feel calm and relax in the short time before sleeping every night ,it is my favorite moment in one day. Because it is always quiet. I can think something important or reading books interesting.I have no time to do these things in the daytime.It is a fantastic time but I know this behavior isn’t healthy, so I am going to sleep more early as soon as possible.

Hi, LearnEnglish Team.
I love learning English on this page. The content is awesome. But there is a small thing I think you should change.

If you click on Task 2, scroll down to the bottom of Task 2 content, you will see that the question and the phrases cannot be seen anymore and this can be annoying for the users because every time they need to pick/put the phrase, they have to scroll down and up. As far as I see, this kind of exercise appears many times at this page. Can the question and phrase always stay at the top?

I am a web developer, I think this problem can be fixed easily by changing the CSS.

Hope you are always doing well.
Thank you.

Hi Kenny Alan,

That's a fantastic idea. I'll pass it on to our developers. Thanks for the suggestion!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everyone, I prefer the night than the morning. Because everything is quite quiet and comfortable at night when I can take rest and watch my favorite movies on TV.

Definitely I like at night. But it's not spread at work.I use to work at nights, and it seemed quaite difficult for me .As to having a fun at night-i'm also ready!
Moreover night is inspires me. It can be unexpected and interesting ideas. So i dont go to bad early and can afford wake up after 10 a.m even at work. I'm really happy about that.

Hi, everyone!
I feel myself more comefortable in the morning than in the evening. Especially
after I wake up and do yoga excersices. I think that you can manage with many deals only in the morning, because many of different organitions starts to work in the early morning.
Every time, when I wake up later than usually, I feel a little bit restless.

My favourite time is the evening when I am back home after my work. I can take rest, see my joyful child and play with him. I am no longer under stress.

Hi guys
I am very happy all the time if it is night or morning or evening!
But I am better after midnight and in the morning early. When people sleep at night I do better maybe because I am very sociable. I sleep late at night and don't use to sleep in the evening or afternoon . Also I wake up early in the morning everyday. At the weekend I don't sleep as long as others in our home.

Both of this periods of the day equal for me on respect of the work.

Hello everyone
my favorite part of day in the morning because all my family get up to go work or go to school and I saw everybody wear the uniform different from school or work