Tess & Ravi

Tess and Ravi talk about politeness and Adam reads your comments about going to the cinema.

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Do you think British people are polite or not? Tell us about your experiences – good or bad! And how about in your country? Do you think people in your country are polite or not?


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Hello!!! Everybody! First of all..Happy new year!!!!!!! And second I think you miss the episode 13 of the series 03 because when I'm listening it I listen the episode 11 of the same series. Thanks, and let me know when I can get in to hear the new episode. Bye!

Sorry, there was a problem with uploading the file onto our servers, but it's fixed now.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Don't worry! Thanks for fixing it. Have a good day!

i found that the question are not about the episode i heard

Hello every body, thx for giving me the chance to received the elementary pods cast, I am new in that, but I want to exploit.


I am Manik, I am very happy listen to the whole podcast. I want to listen another topic, history, drama series and other activities from the British Council and I also improve my English Speaking. I need a Partner for conversation.

hi Manik,
I am Nisha.how are you.i also like to improve my english speaking.but i haven't a partner like you.there are lots of speakers in the internet site.i tired every site.but it was awful.i couldn't find a good guy in that site.it is horrible actually.after i decided to talk to myself.it's better i think and quit funny actually.but it is difficult to do.ok then have a nice day.bye.

Hi Nisha,
I'm sorry to hear that you had problems finding good people to talk to on other web sites. We want to have a facility on LearnEnglish to enable users to get in touch with each other to practise their speaking. Why was it hard for you to find partners? If I know about the problems on other sites, I can try to find ways to avoid them on LearnEnglish.
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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Adam,
Thanks for your replying. you were right.could you tell me  how  to improve my listing skill. i listen very carefully but sometime can not understand what they say because sentence is longer. i am listing every podcast on the British council.i love it.i learned lots of stuff in podcast.please give me some advice.it will be helpful for me.i am looking forward to it.