Tess & Ravi

Tess and Ravi talk about a very famous British family and Adam passes on your kind words to Carolina.

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Do you live in a country which has a king or queen? Did you have to learn the names of kings and queens in history at school? Are the names for family members more specific in your language than in English? And do tell us about your family!


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  hello,  I read this podcast . It was  interesting  knew a little information about royal family in British .I would to learn English in correctly way, because really I want to rich my vocabulary
      thank you very much

Hello! I live in Romania and now we are a republic; therefore we have an elected president which is representative and delegates a prime-minister. The PM has extended ruling attributions, but not as much as David Cameron, I think. A long time ago, Romania used to be a monarchy and the last king is now living in the country again (he used to live abroad after he was forced to abdicate). We still call him a king although we have a president now, because a long time ago he used to be a symbol for the nation and he is highly respected. However, quite a majority of the Romanians are not very comfortable with the idea of monarchy, because when we had a king we were not a democracy, which is very important nowadays.
Greetings to everyone! and thank you British Council for helping us learn English.

Hi mates,
It's very complicated to describe the family relationships in Italian too.
But I have a little funny Italian riddle about them... would you like to know them? I hope to translate  well in English :o)
Sean is looking at a photo of a boy.
Albert asks him: "Who is the boy in this photo?"
Sean answers: "I haven't got any brothers or sisters, but the father of this boy is the son of my father".
So... who is the boy in the photo?
... Of course, he is the Sean's son.
A bit complicated... isn't it?

much confused on your riddle...

hah,it is so funny!

Nice !!

We also have similar riddle here in Asia.
When I see this similarity of culture, I feel happy cause all people in this lonely planet have similar emotion and similar sense of humor. 
Yours are nice.

There are six members in my family. Father, mother, two elder sister and one younger brother. My father and mother lives in hometown, and my father deals with a home application shop. My eldest sister will get married on 30th May, and i will go home to celebrate from Shenzhen to Ningde soon. And my another sister is majoring in Economy for her master degree in Cichuan province now, while my brother is studying in Chongqing province. And about me, i already work as a customer service in SGS laboratory Shenzhen branch mainly dealing in toys testing.
That is all, thanks.

Hi all
i'm a bit new member of this site and my grammar  and vocabulary isn't as good as you guys so if any of my comments had problem i'll be very happy to make them correct by your  help and for family information i have 1 elder brother and 1 younger brother and as normal kids i have a mother and  father:D.
and i'm  16 years old and i have started to learn english 1 month ago
and i'm a P.C gamer and most of time i play world of warcraft and the nfs games
good wishes

Hi everybody! I am mariam. I am from Egypt.Ii have got small family. My father, my mother,and my brother. My brother is older than me. I am the youngest member in my family. I am very happy to join you.