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Jamie might have the chance to follow his dream. Adam and Jo look at how Jamie and Carolina use 'will', 'won't' and 'might' to talk about his future.

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  • Do you think Jamie should 'follow his dream'? Or stay with Carolina in Newcastle?
  • And what about Carolina – what should she do?
  • What would you do in this situation?
  • Should you always 'follow your dreams'?

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Elementary: A2
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Hi! Great podcasts. Thanks. I've always follow my dreams but I'm afraid I didn't do well. I'm going to be a physicist despite the fact that physicists haven't got a good salary and even they might not find a job in physics.So I've decided to go abroad to continue studying(I think England would be a great place to study) and Carolinas can't stop me :)

Hi! I've always followed my dreams, not matter how hard gonna be, if I want something I fight to get it, of course with time and step by step. Sometime I feel is not the right decision it is because the big projects aren't easy to do it.

Follow your dreams is quite important, but we have to think about the conseqüences.. I have a dream of living in another country but it will involve another person as my daughter, that not has exactly the same dream, so have I the rights in do that?

I always enjoy and love to listen your podcast.
I am in the favor that Jamie must follow his dreams, his relationship with Carolina is also important but if he might get this job he must grab this opportunity.
Carolina should encourage Jamie to achieve his goals and to follow his dreams nor to disappoint him.
If I consider myself at Jamie's place i will definitely go for my dream.
In my opinion the dreams are there to be followed and achieved.
Kind regards,

I really enjoyed reading your comment.

hello! i'm in the same situation with Jamie . i have a dream of going in Luxembourg for studies but i have a relationship here in Albania . In this case i am going to follow my dream . It is important for my life to take studies abroud , and became a succeful doctor. Also if you have your love besides you , you became more powerful and more happy . I will make up his mind to come with me abroad , and start a new life . I think Jamie should do the same thing.

Hello again. I'm texting to say about a great person and things that I think are very British. Sir Issac Newton who created and developed physics in its formal formalism in seventeenth century. When I think about Briton, physics, Sir Issac Newton, and Cambridge university, are first to come in my mind. (Oxford university is also include). May I ask Tess and Ravi to speak about these if they do not mind?

Hello Reza,

I will pass that on to them – thanks for the suggestion!

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I hope you are all fine
I think Jamie or anyone should follow his dreams "goals" and does the best to achieve them.
Carolina should encourage and help her lover Jamie to achieve his goals that makes him success in his life and Jamie's success makes Carolina happy.
In my opinion I think we have to follow our goals and fight to achieve them that is mean "Success in our life"
and also we have to remember "not all our dreams come true"
with best regards

I think Carolina was right to complain about Jamie's plan. He should have told her about his plan. He told her anyway so it wasn't too late though. Communication is the key here.