Tess & Ravi

Tess and Ravi talk about pop music and Jo and Adam look at the difference between the verbs 'hear' and 'listen'.

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  • What about you – which British singers or bands are your favourites?
  • Do songs help you learn English?

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Hi Everyone, please could you help me differentiate these sentences:
Past perfect continues , I woul like to know which one is correct...?
1_ I was having lost my ticket..
2_ I lost my ticket.

Hello again Domach,

2 is correct and 1 is not. I'd suggest you read our talking about the past and past tense pages – I think the explanations there will help you understand this.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi, I was looking forward to LISTEN TO episode 11 (Now It is clear for me the diference between "listen to" and "hear". Thank). I'm baptist and love to listen to christians Hymns as "How Great thou art". It is fantastic because I can worship the Lord and also help me to learning english.

Interesting podcast as always!
I like The Beatles. The music is easy listening and I remember that Yesterday had ever been used by my lecturer as a media for her teaching.
I live in Indonesia, and because my first language is not English, English songs help me much in learning the language.

Hello. I am a new member. Nice to meet everybody!!

Hello, first day here for me, too! :)
So, hello everybody! :)

In Brazil the Beatles were a explosion of success , And I agree with Ravi that it is easier to undestand their songs, People in Brazil sing English Music but dont know what it means and the pronunciation is so terrible though.

I love this episode. I have always been longing to say something about british music. Especially pop music. It reminds me of my days in university back then in China. I like radiohead most. is my favorite one. Songs like poems which convery some emotion of some situation. Beatles had done a great job of telling people the true feeling. Their works are just unique , extinct. When I been rejected by a girl or another. It will comfort me , and then I came to realize who I was and who I am. It's a hard work to grow up. It's good to have their music with me anytime.

I think I lost my ticket is correct but it would be better if you were more precise saying I lost my key yesterday.
But if really are not interested in enphasize the time you'd better say
I have lost my ticket

to be honest I listen to the music just to have some fun...I didn't learn any thing from music....the only thing that improves my English very well it's your podcasts thank you very much for that useful app