Rob talks about using past and present verb forms with 'if', in what we call 'conditional sentences'.

 Watch the video and then do the tasks.


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Hi Sopagna

This is an interesting bit of grammar. Students in my classes often ask me about this. In normal use, they are both the same. I think that "If I were you" is more common. On one website, I read that Americans consider "If I was you..." to be wrong, but I only read that on one site. 

If I were you, I would use "if I were you" rather than "if I was you". I don't think that the meaning changes significantly between the two (though if there are any grammarians that can explain this better, I would be keen to hear about it). 

I think the most challenging part is the pronunciation. Native speakers often squeeze the words together so that it sounds more like /faɪwəju:/.

Hope that helps.


The LearnEnglish Team 

hi, there is a problem. 'check answer' button is not working. ı finished all tasks after that click here but is no answer? sometimes it happen. why why why?

In tasks with only two choices, the 'check answer' button is disabled. You can click on the 'Finish' button instead to see if your answers are correct.
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thanks for that grammatical points .It is very useful.

It is very useful.however each time I want to see them (videos) it takes so long to download them, if it don't stop or ...Please show me how to download every videos of words on the street and save them to use them without on lining. 

 Hello, my name is gabriela and I can see the video and the question task but the "answer botton"  is not highlighted so I can't check the result. 

Hello Gabriela,
To see the answers, click on the 'Finish' button.
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I love very much to listen these very good lessons. As I understand this teacher is real teacher in one School of English in London. Can smb help me, please, am I right? And if he is a teacher,for  which school does he work?
I think he is a great teacher. 

The video is amazing how ever, it's very useful... but I'm not able to do the task because the exercise doesn't appear at all!!! I hope you could work out the problem.

My web broswer is Windows Explorer. There are not any error messages and the only thing I can see is the initial message: "fill in the gap to complete the sentences".

There is a problem with this week execises, is sombody there to sort it out please,coz we don't want to miss it.Thanks