Rob talks about using past and present verb forms with 'if', in what we call 'conditional sentences'.

 Watch the video and then do the tasks.


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Intermediate: B1


Adam, i have the same problem. I can send you a screen of this page

Thanks, but I don't need a screenshot yet, just some more information. Please tell me what you can see and can't see on the page. e.g. the video, the exercises etc. Do you see any error message or just a blank space where the exercises should be? Also, what web browser are you using?
We really want to solve this problem, but we need more information first.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

no text appears for the writing tasks - is there a problem

Hello John,
Are you talking about the three exercises? I can see them OK. Can you explain your problem in a bit more detail?
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The LearnEnglish Team