The siblings continue to learn about Loch Ness and risk a trip on a boat over the loch. Will the monster eat their boat or will they survive until the next episode?

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I do believe to the monster of Loch Ness. I will go to visit that lake and that area. Tomorow I will talk about that legend with mz five year old doughter. She will like that.

In my country there is a story about Sava Savanovic. He was a vamapair and he was like young gisrls to drinck they blood. But this is  something like  count Drakula in ROmania.

Hi everyone! There is a lot of charming legends (happily not only about monsters) in Kazakhstan. There are lots of  lakes, forests and mountains here so people have always had many matters for creating stories and tales. I love one of such legends the most. It's about a part of a rock in the centre of  Burabai lake on the North of Kazakhstan. The legend says that many years ago a young clever and beautiful lady escaped from her parents' home with her beloved who was not rich, but whom she sincerely loved. Her father was furious that she didn't realize his wish to get married to a wealthy powerful man, and sent his sons to catch the escapees and kill the young man. When they had been finally caught and the lady had seen her sweetheart dead she asked the god to transform her to a stone. Since then she is in the centre of the lake - looks like a young lady if you look from one side and as an ugly old woman - from another...

Hi folks!
I'm Luiz from Brazil.
Here in Brazil we have lots of legends about magic creatures which supposedly live into our forests. many people think that in Brazil we have only forests but, unfortunately, we have much more big cities than forests.
Well, the places where forests remain we can find legends about "Saci Pererê" a black boy using a red hood who has only one leg and has magic powers. He loves to prank who enter into the forest.
There is also a big alligator called Cuca that is a witch too. Cuca loves to do bad things.
Another legend is about of a headless mule ( literally in Portuguese "Mula Sem Cabeça").
It's a kind of mule ghost that has no head and instead has fire flowing through the neck.
Boitatá is a ball of fire that hunt you through the forest at night.
It's another kind of ghost.
I never found anything like those things... I guess it's because I live far away from big forests... Who knows?
That's all :)

•Are there any old stories about monsters in your country?
sure not for luck :P ,. even we don't have a lack ,. just sea

•Why do you think some stories are passed down from generation to generation?
I think because the science show us with evidences that those stories  are not facts and it like imagination from some people in the past  

•Are these stories factual? (based on the truth)
absolutely not

I like this episode.Old stories from history are my favorite topics.thanks!

name of the music please;)

hi gays,
is this story a legend or what?
i do like to listen to stories from stuff like that, i love to listen to the legends and i love history so i want to be in the future a historic scientist i want to learn more about the legends from all over the world, i think this is very interesting, in the UAE there isn't any legends or stories like that, but I traveld to the kingdom of morocco, there is any any legends and old stories about the sea.
best wishes!

hahaha, hey,  you want to say "Hi guys", don't you? 
Carlos Andrés Pérez Garzón

Hello, I think many countries have a similar stories. But in region where I live in my country , I don't heard similar stories.Some stories are passed down from generation to generation because in these stories in basis is a mistery . And to my opinion many  of these stories are not factual.
To moderators if I made grammar mistakes tell me please.