Rob and Stephen take a look at ‘play’, ‘live’ and ‘mind’ and how they can be used in different ways.

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Hi, i would like to know if "when i was at university, i used to play rugby nearly every weekend" is right, concerning the lessons about the using of "used to" i think it's fine, i'm asking you because the task gives me this sentence wrong.

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Hello Alec96,

Yes, that sentence is correct. The task asks for the correct form of 'play', rather than the addition of a phrase like 'used to', and this is why it is not accepted. It would, for example, also be correct to say 'loved playing', but this is not accepted for the same reason.

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Really kind Peter, thank you a lot


Hello Peter and Kirk,

I want to say that the tasks in the 'Music' - Music Scene 1 no task doesn't work (cloudy pages), only 'Initializing...'.
Music Scene 1 - Language Focus : Task2- there isn’t any possibility to put in a word.
Task3 - everything is cloudy and only 'Initializing...'
Music Scene 2 - Language Focus: Tasks 2 and 3 don't work (cloudy) and only 'Initializing...'

Help, please
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Hello Nataley,

Thanks for letting us know about this error on the site. I've fixed it now; please let me know if you see any other problems.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hello AdamJK,

Yes, thank you! Everything works perfectly, now everyone can do the activities. Yes, if I see anything wrong on the site, I'll let you know.)

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Thank you British council these videos are great but too short I was wondering if you could make them a bit longer to help us more. Thanks again

Hello Kirk!!

Thanks for your answer.
I didn't know this.

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Hello Peter !!!

I so sorry, I reply your message by email. Marta told me you can't access that mailbox.
Thanks for your advice. I didn't know this trick.

I saw the cambridge dictionary and I couldn't see the diference between specially and especially. Both are adverbs and they have the same meaning (especialmente).
I can see that I made a mistake when I copied the word, but I can see the diference. Are there one?

These are the dictionary examples:
"These insects are quite common, especially in hot countries."
"I picked these flowers specially for you"

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