Ashlie and Stephen prepare for their gigs. How do you think they go?

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So funny.So cute.

what a musicians!!!!!!!!1anyway i notice a expression that i didn't understand.

Janitor said: i was just told to clear up . is it a passive form?perhaps it is the same if he had said: they told me to clear up.


Hello rosario70,

Yes, that's correct - it's a passive form, and the alternative you propose essentially means the same thing, though it specifies a subject where the passive construction does not.

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The LearnEnglish Team

It reminds me of one of Ghana beauty contests in 2004, I was.

It was Model of The Universe.

a reflection on the statue.

Thank you very much

hello, everyone!could someone explain me what 'This is better than the big time' means?

Hello anton81,

'The big time' here means being famous and successful. The suggestion, therefore, is that being in a small band which is not famous is more fun than being well-known.


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The LearnEnglish Team

hi, Peter.Thanks for answering.By the way, I thought something like this but wanted confirmation.
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