Carmen talks about the history and continuing popularity of the great British pub.

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Thank you very much! I enjoy the video!

I love pubs, they give me the possibility to be relaxed. In fact, I enjoy so much drinking a beer in friendship or with your girlfriend and could be safer and easier-going. About binge drinking, I hope that this kind of celebration, wich make people aggressive etc..., will go to reduce for the people safety.

I like very much a British custom of socialising in the pubs. I wish I was born in Great Britain. It seems to be a beautiful country to live, work and enjoy the life.

Hi English Team,
There is a sentence: Do you have a place you can go to socialise...'
I'd like to ask about 'to' - is 'to' grammatically inhered in 'socialise' or not?
I suppose one can say shortly : 'Do you have a palce you can go to?' Would it be correct?

Hello Tom First,

The 'to' here is part of an infinitive. This use is sometimes called infinitive of purpose and it means something like 'in order to'. You can read more about infinitives here.


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Drinking is really harmful , I don't know why people still risking their lives?
Thanks for God it's forbidden in my religion

I don't now very well my neighbours.
I usually meet with my school friends.

Thanks a lot Peter !

Have a nice weekend !

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