Rob talks about how people behave in a pub and the expressions we use when we want to make offers and requests.

Watch the video and then do the tasks.



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Intermediate: B1


I can hardly weith to visit some pub in LOndon.
It is very interesting for me.

hi There,
I have noticed a little mistake in your sentence , If you don't mind.
It should be ( I can hardly wait to visit some pub in London. ) Or simply which is better ( I can't wait to visit some pub in London .
That's it . I'm happy to help :) Have a good time :)

That was awesome like always you know for iranian people who dont have pub in their cities was really helpful. thanks

I was going to have fun in gay bar when I was in London.  But I've got the colleagues accompany so can not hang out alone. what a pity.

Hi guys

I tried  to listen "Word on the Street" Section but I couldn't play. any solution?


I'm sorry to hear you're having problems playing the video. We know that a small number of users can't see the videos and we're trying to fix the issue.

Can you see any of the other videos on LearnEnglish? Can you see the video on this page? Also, which web browser(s) are you using?

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The LearnEnglish Team

I dont know the exact problem wheter the slowness of my internet connection or the problem belongs to Britis counsil website. I still wonder. I expect to watch the video. I'm eager

it is a really good way to learn english here, especially for British english, only for learning but also the UK cultrue, absoblutly good. i will be continueing to learn and get more here.

I like the conversation,,,, but how can I download it??

Sometimes I can't check my answers in some tasks .