Marcia llama a dos de los candidatos y les da detalles sobre el proceso de las entrevistas.

Haz primero la actividad de Preparación. Luego observa el video. Seguidamente ve a la Actividad y procede a realizarla. Si necesitas ayuda, puedes leer la Transcripción en cualquier momento.

Task 1

Put the stages of the interview process in the order they are mentioned.


Task 2

Business Notes

In the third episode, Marcia Boardman, the HR manager at WebWare, outlines to
the 2 candidates the interview format. There are several possible interview

Structured Interview - Competencies

The employer identifies the competencies (skills, abilities and experience)
required for the role. They design the questions to test whether the
candidate has these competencies. The questions are often phrased, "tell us
about a time when...".

Behavioural job interview (situational job interview)

Behavioural interviews are trying to find out how you would act in certain
situations. The interviewer wants to be able to predict how you would behave
in the role, if they recruited you. So they ask hypothetical questions.
These might be about a time in your past, or asking you to imagine yourself
in a future situation.

Panel Job Interview

Sometimes employers want candidates to be seen by a number of managers or
peer-workers. A panel interview simply means a candidate meets multiple
interviewers at once. They may play the "Good cop / Bad cop" routine, where
one of them is aggressive and another sympathetic, to see how you perform
under stress.

Technical Job Interview

This usually refers to a "hands-on" interview. For example, an engineer
might be expected to do some analysis of an engineering problem; a market
researcher might be asked to analyse some data; a sales person might be
expected to make a mock sales call. This type of interview is designed to
predict how you would perform in the role.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2



In this video, shows a job interview and some of the methods that employers use to hire people.

This video is very interesting, I learned how to make a phone call to hire a person in a job and do a survey to the candidate

In general an interview must be formal. It takes into account the speed, clarity, with which we are able to respond. Academic and personal training indicates that you are so prepared and that you are so realistic about a problem.

This video is very interesting because they teach us, the two different types of employer, I mean the one intesresting, and the other one that no.

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Very good vídeos. They are so real situations that I can learn easier. It just hay I needed to improve my bussiness english..