Lasagna (plural lasagne) is a dish made with alternate layers of pasta, cheese, and often ragu (a meat sauce) or tomato sauce.

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Put the events in the correct order.


Task 2

Decide if the following statements are true or false.


Task 3


The Lasagna

  • Minced Beef 450g
  • Tin of Tomatoes 400g
  • Mushrooms 100g
  • Chopped onion 1
  • Garlic 1 clove
  • Beef Stock 1/2 pint (300ml)
  • Butter 25g
  • Lasagne 1 Packet

The White Sauce

  • Milk 300ml
  • Butter 25g
  • Plain Flour 25g
  • Grated Cheddar 50g


  1. To prepare the meat sauce, fry the mince beef and onion until brown.
  2. Stir in the stock, garlic, tomatoes and mushrooms (sliced).
  3. Cook for about an hour until thick and rich.
  4. If necessary add 2 tablespoons of corn flour dissolved in a small amount of cold water to thicken.
  5. Grease an oven proof dish.
  6. To make the bechamel sauce, melt the butter, stir the flour in and add the milk, stirring until thickened.
  7. Grate the cheese and add. Add seasoning to taste.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Hi dear colleagues!

Humm talk about lasagna is very easy to me. Lasagna is one of the best mother's dishes, I remember to eat lasagna since I was a child. However I would never order a lasagna in a date with someone. It is simple, because a good lasagna comes with a lot of red sauce and I'm clumsy, I'll probably drop it on my clothes. So, if someone invited me to dinner I would like better if was japanese food, I just love this kind of restaurant.
About social networking, I just use to share my work as biologist, share news and be in contact with friends and family. Ocasionally, I know new people during fiel work or trips, and later I add this persons in facebook, for example!

Best wishes

Hi, I have prepared lasagna many times. It is very easy and tasty. On a date with someone I would like to eat something sweet, chocholade or drink coffe. Maybe I would like to choose slow food menu for somebody I like a lot. Than I would have a plenty of time for know each other.Yes, I use Facebok site.For me it is more for staying in line with my friends and not to meet somebody anew. I am afraid of stranger. On net you could not ever be sure of anybody.

Lasagna~~~Mmm, Yum, Yum! I like the rich tomato flavor, and the heavenly cheese and the beef mince tinted with herbs. To be honest, I like the whole thing. I am super at eating it, not good at making it, 'cos I haven't give it a go yet.

If I went on a date with someone, what would I like to eat? Now lasagna is definitely swirling in my mind. But I will try something else 'cos lasagna this word is too hard to spell, same as spaghetti. I can say them but never know how to spell them. (lasagna, copied from the transcript and used dictionary to get spaghetti right) So I would like to have a sea food platter, some red wine to go with it, and finish with a passion fruit caramel pudding with ice cream on top. Ooo, nice!

Um, no, no Facebook. How do I meet new friends? By accident I guess.

Hi experts,

I want to understand the difference between the following statements:

I had to leave because I asked Rahul to meet me in front of the theater.
I had to leave because I had asked Rahul to meet me in front of the theater.

Which one is correct and why ?

Request you to post a satisfying and logical response.

Anshu Nadir

Hello ANADin,

I'll be happy to answer your question but before I do so I have a request. Could you please post the question on a relevant page, such as this one? That will help to keep the site organised and will mean that your question and my answer will be more accessible to others who are interested in the same area.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

hi i cant to watch videos in this site what can i do for fix this problam help me please

Hi mahdiyar10,

We are aware that users from some countries, including Iran, sometimes have problems accessing the videos. The videos in Word on the Street may be available to you, so I would suggest trying them.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

I never tried lasagna.
If I'm in a date I'd like to eat Armenian or Arabian food, I love it.
Sometimes I use a social network like Facebook or twitter to make new friends or practise English language.

Yes!! I have tried lazagna, I think it's so jummy and so delicious!!. I think If I went on a date with someone I would like to order sushi <3 I really love it <3 .
I always use social networking as facebook, but never to meet new friends, because I think it's a little dangerous.

it is a  nice video and useful