In the 60s, 70s and 80s it was common for sweets to be sold individually in shops, each sweet costing a penny or two, hence the name penny sweets.

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Task 1

Match the words and phrases at the top to their definitions.


Task 2

Match the two halves of the sentences to make opinions expressed by the speakers.




Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Apparently, I'm a kid still because I love sweets. To my mind, the habit to eat sweets in quantities is immortal. Even though I would have a health problems. I love Zernushka (like adj "grainy" from "grain") and "Bee"s. There's no equivalent of penny sweets in Russia.

Oh, and I like this video a lot.

When I was a kid, I spent two years in Yunnan, a province in south part of China, and got my sweetest childhood memories there. Our home then was in a place like a small town. There were, every now and then, someone who had made this type of sweet at home, and pushed a huge block of it in a cart coming to every small streets to sell them. They all had same type of instruments. So when that instrument making DING DING sound, we kids all got excited. Our adults would give us small coins to buy a bit of it. I still remember myself standing there looking at the vendor earnestly when I had passed my coin and waited for him to use a chisel get a little piece off for me. In my memory that was the most tasty thing, that little piece of creamy colored DING DING sweets.

When I was child, I used to go to a corner shop that was close to my school where I used to buy a sweet which was named "Banana", it has the shape and the flavor of banana and made from a sticky and delicious substance, it was really amazing, mouth-watering and after eating it, I became on cloud nine.

When I was a child I loved eating some sweet stripes with cola or fruit flavour, which were called goleador! In the past these sweets cost only 10 cents!
I remember I used to count money according to the number of sweets.
For example: 10 goleadors = 1 euro
I still love candies!

There are in my country  other  kinds of sweets, but they are as delicious as these! But have 2 kinds I loved!

Chocolate is my favorite sweet to eat everyday when i was a kid, before i go to school i go straight to the store first when i have extra maney when my mom gave me maney the price of the chocolate is only 1 pesos each i bought 20 each. When lunch time in the canteen i ate the 17 piece and the last three piece i didnt eat, when the class is over i rush put all my thing on my bag and i rush walk home because my house is not that very far from our school .mum is in the kitchen and i give her the chocolate that i didnt ate i said mom this for you and i greet her happy mothers day the three chocolate i didnt ate and why is three only chocolate because it mean I...LOVE...YOU and she hug me and she said thank you too to me that the story i remember when i was i kid now i'm grow up now every mothers day we only do now we calling to each other and greet her mothers day every years....

I still eat sweets, but not often.
It's so true the pleasure we took choosing our sweets when we were kids

I love chocolate chip cookies. In fact I eat them all the time.Everybody often tell me that I eat too many chocolate chip cookies, but I don t think so. I think they re delicious. Actually I love every kinds of desserts.

I still eat a lot of sweets. I really love them