Ashlie and Stephen travel to Paris, where Steven shows off his French and Ashlie tries a famous French dish - by accident!

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

We use the infinitive after some verbs, nouns and adjectives:

  • I hope to see you soon. (verb + infinitive)
  • It's time to go. (noun + infinitive)
  • I'm pleased to meet you. (adjective + infinitive)

Make complete sentences using the infinitive forms.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Felicitations!! :-)
Thanks for making this great video.
I Really2 enjoying learning English on this website.
British Council is the Best.. :-D

I really make an excellent choice I love all the stories and I really want to visit all that places and I am learning so much about vocabulary and grammar . I Used to work in French dinning my favorite is seabass en papillot and also Mille feuille.

How I love Ashlie and Stephen together in these "words on the street" series
So fun learning in this website :D


Hi Peter M

could you explain what does Stephen's mean when he said "I’ve been loads of times"?

Thank you

Hello Byxinh,

'I've been' means 'I've traveled to' and 'loads of times' means 'many times'. You can find a definition and example of 'loads of' in the dictionary – just look it up in the search box on the right side of this page.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

please upload the vedeios with low details to people who don't have speed internet like me

Hello Alaa Hessein,

I'm sorry to hear you're having some troubles with the video. We'll make a note of your suggestion for next time we edit these pages. In the meantime, I suggest you focus on our audio materials, which do not place such demands on your connection and which can be downloaded and listened to offline. You might try our Elementary Podcasts series, or our audio soap opera, Big City Small World.


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I am a volunteer teacher in India. This video is brilliant to show both cultures. I would like to use at St Mary's school next monday May 9th - kids are coming from slums. Can It be downloaded and saved in my computer? No internet at school of course. Thank you!

Hi guys from Br. council, I was pleading you for help several times, bec. I´m not able to watch the videos any more. I wrote to you yesterday, but nobody seemed to notice my plea. I can´t work with your material any more, and I give several courses. I have to rearrange everything or to find a new website, but this seems to be impossible. I tried your suggestions about reloading Adobe Fl. Pl. and trying another browser, but nothing seems to help. What am I supposed to do now with all my English classes??? Once again my information to you: I use Firefox and tried with Internet Browser. Before you rearranged, I was working with Br. Council without any problems for five years.