Ashlie and Stephen do some shopping in Paris - and improve their French!

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We can use expressions with '-ing' to explain how we do things. For example, the picture seller says:

  • I always pick up new words talking to tourists.

The expression 'talking to tourists' explains how she learns new words.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


I had Yoruba, English, French at school. I realised gender neuter is not used at return to school at six form college called Gymnasium where I had only Deutsch, English and Latein as Language subjects.

My former CAE teacher said, 'in CAE one thinks before speaking'.

neutral unlike in German is not used in French.

I meant neuter not neutral.

At six form college called Gymnasium, I had English, at Staatliche Fremdsprachenschule Hamburg, besides Englisch.

At six form college called Gymnasium 'student'...

'As' six form college called Gymnasium student...

And amazingly I am studying Modern Language Studies at Open University.

Hi LearnEnglish Team,

In this programme, Ashlie said 'I'd love to see...', I know there is another expression: I'd like to ....
Is there any big difference between them? Or we can just think they refer to exactly the same meaning? Thanks!


Hello Kaofeng,

'I'd love to...' is stronger than 'I'd like to...', just as 'I love...' is stronger than 'I like...'

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team