Listen to an extract of an interview with a professor of Business Studies about the subject of motivation.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.


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Hello Mr. Peter,
I am new here. Firstly I want to thank you for this very helpful site. I wish to learn more like others. By the way, I can't see what's on the "task" portion, I can only say a box containing words such as "invalid xml config". I am humbly asking for help.

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hi so glad to have you as a friend .use google chorom browser rather than IE browser to solve your problem.goodluck

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The Tasks are exercises that you can use to see how well you've understood the recording. I've just checked them, and they all seem to be working. Based on the error message you report, I think that must have been a temporary problem. Are you able to see and use the exercises now? If not, please let us know.

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hi mr kirk.learners are suggested to use google chorom browser rather than IE browser to see the pages properly.

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I really like your piece of advice. I try to be up to date with my English language. Your advice is very useful.
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Yes, absolutely agree!, motivation is the engine that moves people, each employee has a different reason to stay motivated, then it's a specially work for managers to know what motivates each one.

Dear learning english team
English language is full of mysteties!whenever i listen to a podcast even for many times,i find a new notice!
Lets get this straight!...english language is bautiful but difficult!
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motivation is always important in every group whether its a group of professional s or a group of students. motivation looks like a medicine which can boost up the morale of every person connected with a workforce.
it helps to build an employee into an asset for the organisation.

I think that manager's job is difficult and complicated , leading a team of workers with different mentalities , different way of thinking and different traditions is not easy especially when the rules of workplace is not helpful , so , I think to lead a team in such conditions is more of talent than a skill .and the manager who hasn't the talent would be suceeded in a less percent .