Listen to a trainer at the end of a management training session summing up the importance of relationship-building as a competency and reviewing ways of developing the competency.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.


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Hello, we are on same ship so we have to help each other to improove our english language. What do you think?

hi!m agree with you

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I have found this podcast very useful , i'm learning English as well as the listening object , i'm trying to practise the given ideas both for initiating new relationship or nurturing an existing relationship in my environment ,

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Can anybody tell me whats the meaning of"dover sole"?


Try searching for this term on the internet - you should find the answer straight away!

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It is important to cultivate relationship with colleagues in the workplace. I used to a reserved person and i rarely make small talk to people in the office or gather with them outside office, it may be because i used to find people behave hypocritically among colleagues or just like to backstabbing people during informal conversation. However, we can't denied that relationship building is critical in a workplace irregardless of how competent you are, because we are not working alone but are working with a group of people.

i'm not used to talking to people i don't know. so it's a bit difficult for me to build all kinds of relationship which is very necessary for one's success. i can't depend on  my parents can i come over my weakpoint to more socialized and open to people. to be honest, i'm quite of temperamental  and manic person .i often encounter psychological problems and hardly find anyone to share with...cause' i really don't want to mention .....i'm nearly 20 and i have to think about my future .further life...i'm joining da nang college of foreign languages .a first-year student,and study here for 4 fact..lots of those who don't have further study   can earn a good living and of course, they have many practical experiences has such a young age..they don't enjoy a good life like hard to support themselves and their sounds crazy but i always run away from strangers..not grab chance to practice my english with foreigner.. .i have just talked to my friend and he really grew up.i think. while he talked about how he got to know and make friends with foreigners (they come from different countries), his face was shiny and happy .i'm a little jealous and admire him too.he plans to take a job while studying to help his mother. he is great,isn't he? 20 is the most beautiful age but my mind is filled with thought and preparation for my life ahead.i live in hoi an famed as an ancient town.and da nang is not very far from my home.just half an hour it's one of  the reasons i study in da nang. for the first year. i don't have many classes. so i go home often.for me. home is the warmest place so i'm eager on weekend to be back to hoi week. i have a month of military training in da nang.a course which is compulsory for all tertiary students in viet nam.and it just come once in each student's teacher says after this course. i will become more mature following the strict rules of army.after that. i have a two- week break for tet holiday(lunar new year)..get back to my thought, i just live for today.,not plan for tomorrow.this commet is so long as i think but i want to confide more things to you.or else my head will explode .it is that when i was asked what you plan to do after university.i said right in a restaurant.or a hotel as an dream is to own a restaurant based in ancient town which attract lots of tourists,selling vietnamfood in the very vietnamese style. so working as a employee will help me have more expericence. the fact is that the salary is'nt much while the cost of life is rising can just dream without reflecting on the fact.(material).your need in the real life. the degree i got after my study is the base for me to get better and higher-paid job. (i major in commercial- english) and the challenge is that i have to compete with lots of people of calibre. so i leave all these problem behind and as i say .live your life for the moment. beside. singing and painting refresh me..for you guys reading and not reading my comment. i wish you happiness. longevity. health luck and every thing will be alright no matter how bad it is..

hi ivytranoo nguyen
Focus on your plan and be persistent,as long as you know what you want,keep in mind you will accomplish what you desire

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It is said:"Man to Man is unjust"
Then Stop being unjust with you, and make a step through people to achieve you objectives.