Listen to two friends talking about genetically modified food. Frank is for GM food, but Ann is against it.

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In Viet Nam we dont have a law for GM food and it not popular in my country.
I think GM food is a source of hope for uor fututer because the source natural will be empty and people must to create a new food, new enery or ect.

I think that we are on the way to find (the theory of everything) and our behavior to find this theory will threaten our exist on this planet
All the time ..there are ethical principles should be considered ..or our future is unknown.

☆ What are the laws in your country regarding GM food?
- The food law associated with the utilization of GM food in my country is regulated that any person who produces food or processes of food production resulting from GM organism must initially examine the items in terms of food safety for human health prior to release.
☆ Is GM food a threat to the future or is it rather a source of hope, in your opinion?
- To me, GM food is a source of hope to the future.
The impact of climate change on food production due to disruption of plant pests and soil conditions require efficient and effective solutions. The utilization of transgenic method is one of the options that deals with the constraints in the cultivation of crops.
Exploiting the potential biotechnology such as genetic manipulation is expected to improve productivity and product quality in accordance with environmental dynamics. However, this should be implemented appropriately through precautionary approach.

In Russia GM food is banned. But I don't sure that we don't have any GM food in our markets. As for me I think we have to research GM and find ways to use it with carried about our health and nature

In Ukraine only conventional seeds are allowed for production and importation. It can be that the law is easily banned. For sure, we have had big but not tasty strawberries here for about two years. That's why I do not like them any more. Can it be they are genetically modified? Generally I'm against such food. But I have to admit I do not know a lot about it.

1. Genetically Modified Food is not so much popular in india.
2. Obviously it is not a threat for future generation.Basically, in many ways it will help out future generation. Like, it helps nuturing the kids with proper supplements which is someway hard to given by medicine.Also, we can add special taste in GM foods which increase its consumption among childs which in turn promotes their health.

Well in my country too the genetically modified food has taken place of natural food and there are not enough rules and regulation amendment to control over them. Everything is bogus here and you can easily bribe the authorities who are checking the food quality.
It will be a disaster for the upcoming human breed in my country as we are noticing so many health issues due to this GM food like diahorrea, hair loss

I dont know what are the lawyers to GM food in my country Mexico.
Regarding to the other question, I think that GM food would be a threat to the living beings and to the world in general because it pollute the ground, and as the text states, it interrumpt the feed chain. Also the GM food can be dangerous to the humans, nobody knows if it can produce an letal diseases and in my opinion we have to be natural with ourselves.

I live in Italy, and I've read on the internet, that my country is OGM free, so every GM food is forbidden.
Anyway, I look at OGMs both with hope and worry, because they simultaneously can threaten us and be useful to us. For example, it could be useful to modify some vegetables or fruits that farmer are struggling with in a certain period. Also, we could make beans a high biological value food, giving us the opportunity to not eat fish and meat as much as we do now, or at least I think so.
However, there are some risks, as Ann says. The most worrying one is the extinction of animals and plants species, that's why I think it's important to build a lab in which every species is stored, in such a way species cannot become extinct.
OGMs are a great opportunity for the human being, if they know their limits and don't try to go though them, but the fear is comprehensible as we like to go too far.

I'm against GM food. It may negatively impact not only animals, but humans as well. If rats die because of chemical meal, means that it also can be harmful for people, as it's said 'We are what we eat'. Obviously, we will not see its effects immeadiately, but most probably it will be noticed on our future generation. I think soon we will have compeletely different humans. So, demand natural and fresh products!)))