Listen to two friends talking about genetically modified food. Frank is for GM food, but Ann is against it.

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I don´t like the GM food because I think it doesn´t have taste and isn´t deliciuos like a non GM food


I agree with TanyaK. I think we need GM food and there are less risks than profits. Many people protest against GM food but they are OK with transgenic animals which we use for producing e.g. insulin for patients with diabetes or for antibiotics. I think that transgenic animals hide more risks - we put human genes into animals' bodies!

This topic needs good law basis but refusing GM food does not solve anything.

I think the only problem with GM food is the loss of tasty.

We all know that world population is growing more and more. So we need to find new sources of food. That's true. But I do agree with Ann about companies dominance on such industry. This will make companies more stronger and more rich and poor will be more poor and needy. This can be threatening in future. As we can see now that some poor countries become the haven of extremists. So I believe that we must be careful while we are choosing new ways.


I think GM food is dangerous to our eco-system,so we`d better not eat GM food

I think this article is very interesting.
I'm from Argentina.

Its so interesting  ))))) and its my field in study biology. Thanks

Hello!!!! I had study biology too. Where are you from? I am from Peru.

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