Listen to two friends talking about genetically modified food. Frank is for GM food, but Ann is against it.

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I think, that danger of GM food is exaggerated and not confirmed by real researches. I agree with Frank, that sometimes GM food is safer than ordinary, grown and stored with chemicals. What the difference between deriving a new plant variety  by crossing exist and the deriving variety by genetic engineering? Gen from GM food can't integrate with human genetic system. 
With regard to bananas with built-in vaccine, I think it's fantastic and not must.  GM vegetables should be more resistant to insects and other natural harm. It's  fact, that life expectancy increased. Last time and also now in poor countries thousands of people died of hunger.
Of course, companies make money with producing GM food, but companies, producing oranic food makes money too. It's important to have real opportunity to choose what you prefer. 

I am against genetically modified food too. Gm foods have many negative effects on health. Moreover, the idea of gm foods is the result of the consuming culture which is the most dangerous event in this period. In fact, this problem should be solved. I think, there are enough foods in this world. It is not necessary to produce food using the way of altering genes. The sentence that is to prevent vegetables becoming extinct seems to be logical, bu if we give up playing havoc with the environment, there is no a danger for vegetables.

After listening and reading this ariticle, I searched about the risk and benefit of GM food on websites.
Some articles indicate lots of benefits for GM food like reducing pesticides, avoiding allergies and preparing for food shortage in the future booming population.
However, I think that we should not deny some risks so I agree with the Ann's opinion. I am worried that the GM foods would influence to human body and ecosystem if we ate them for a long period.
I am not sure Frank's opinion that the GM foods are safer than non-GM food.

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