Listen to two friends talking about genetically modified food. Frank is for GM food, but Ann is against it.

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We have currently laws in Brazil that permits the cultivation of GM - Rice, soya, etc. It is a very complex legislation that , for example, specifies distance between of the GM and non GM cultivation. My I: I believe now a days , unfortunately, it is necessary the GM. My counterpoint is the amount of pesticide used currently in the plantation. I believe GM reduces it!

Hi LMachado,
In my country, France, we have very restrictive laws against GM crops, because the french are generally very cautious for a lot of things !!
I work in biotechs and, because I know them, I think that some biotechniques are inevitable in our future, as you have written.
However, we have to control them with efficient legislation and by organizations with no conflict of interest. If not, we will encounter same problems like those with chemicals products. Do you have this type of independant (and non linked to biotech industries) organizations in Brazil ?

Nice English. Congrats!

I dont know much about laws regarding GM foods in my country.
I am closer to Ann's opinion becouse I am more sure in eating fresh

In China ,I just wonder we should enforce the law if wen have it .It's not easy to identify the good whether or not made by GM food.
In the long term, we wil see the effect to human body and the ecosystem, I am not full of confident.

It is sad but I don't know what laws are in México about GM Food.
I am starting to look around the GM mexican laws.

Well is hard to determine if GM food is a threat or a hope.
If we see how the market has been acting in the recent decades, we most be cautios and take de words of Ann like an advice.

hi im worried about the risks to the nature i think we dont need to change the crops bigger or the other stuff we can use them correctly and dont waste them in Iran the government do the gM food

I think in my country there is not any laws of foods

In my country Russia the laws forbid to use GM foods.
In my opinion, GM food is a threat to the future.

I think my country allow some typed of genetically modified food, but I am not pretty sure about details to specify.
I think there are still many risks to this kind of food these days and I think those risks will still be present in the future. Anyway, if it can be useful I believe with have to take the risks, because they are present in all the areas of our lives and the results may could be good for humankind.