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The term Corporate social responsibility is used for the biggest companies around the world like Coca cola, Nike, Zara, among other. unfortunately, this companies don't apply this term, only say but not apply. It are very few companies that are responsibilities with the environment, community and society, employees, customers and suppliers.

I completely agree with the comment of Jovanzapata45.
Actually the major brands who indeed violate the business ethics all the time.
I work in textile manufacturing business and had many experiences of social responsibility implementations. In most of the cases the brands demand one of their suppliers to set up a manufacturing facility with all legal and internationally accepted worker rights are conducted. In reality only a symbolic percentage of whole production quantity are manufactured in that showcase unit. The rest are being produced in other places out of sight.

Today. when applying for a job. money is not the only thing i take into consideration.a good salary can ensure you a full-material life. but the working environment is the first point i think about. i'd like to work with  friendly, and helpful 'staff, an employer who cares for his employees and solve the conflict arisen fairly. not take side with any group or anyone.we tend to misunderstand and be jealous of others' achievement or calibre cause we're all humans. i always have that feelings even with my best friends or my sister, brother. i crave more and more every day for some invisible things that i've already had, but ignore and think that why others can while i can't . sometimes, when conscious. the only way to stop that bad thought is to learn to satisfy with what i have....continue..

Business ethic and corporate social responsibilities are strongly encouraged in most countries. Nowadays, companies recognize their responsibilities toward the society they operate in, you can easily notice how they elaborate their contributions to the society in their companies' websites and in their annual report. This is a kind of healthy culture and we should keep it up!  

I have seen that the most companies prefer to help with money some NPO´s which have volunteers or employees specialized in some social action. That´s because to keep employees only for that is more expensive and less effective than to contract an Organization that works specifically with social cares.

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