Professionals Podcasts - Going global

Listen to a radio programme in which people from three companies talk about their experiences of going global.

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Upper intermediate: B2


the sentence (the much talked .....) the word talked is past simple or past participle

Hello ahmed mohamed salem,

'the much talked about' is an adjectival phrase modifying 'global market'. 'talked' is an adjective (formed from the past participle) in this case.

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I think going global is the best idea than ever. The companies can have more markets to deploy. And the consumers can have more choices. By these two factors, the global competitiveness will increase significantly and the development will be unavoidable in the world.

in the present tense which is right rain beat against the windows or rain beats against the windows

Hello ahmed mohamed salem,

In the present simple the correct form would be rain beats against the windows.

We would say rain beat against the windows if we were using the past simple.


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what is the different between I could expand and I could have expanded

Hello ahmed mohamed salem,

It depends on the context, as 'could' and 'could have' are used in different ways, but probably in this case 'I could expand' refers to the possibility of me expanding now or in the future, whereas 'I could have expanded' refers to the same possibility, but in the past. See our can, could and could have page for more.

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thank you but I know that could is used in past tense also

Hello everybody from Spain,

According with the topic I think that is a good time to going global for the companies, because is easier than before, I mean thanks to technology the companies can be in touch with other countries at any time and sale their products or services to clients around the world, Of course before to going global you have to do a market research to know what is the best country for your company. China for example is a good country not only to export your product to manufacturate ir as well because the cost are usually cheaper than other countries.

hello and thank for your rapid response to my question and now i have some other:
I know a phrase: "take as much time as you like". But in this conversation, i see another: "...wanted to buy as much of it as we could produce". So when we use "as much of + noun" and "as much+noun". Can you help me please.

Nguyen Thi Hoa