Listen to a radio programme in which people from three companies talk about their experiences of going global.

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With the globalisation of the world economy, it is worthwhile for a company to expand their business to the global not just in the domestic market. A company going global can make huge profit from the overseas market and moreover can acquire valuable experience of doing business in the international marketplace.

I think going global depends on the kind og product a firm produces.  Nevertheless, it can be really profitable and offer fantastic opportunities. Though it can really compromise the quality of the work. Actually, it can happen at any kind of expansion not only global one.

Globalisation can be an opportunity for companies but also a threat. Before offering their products and services in global market,companies must study it very well to know their own strentghs and weakness.

globalisation is an utopia for human being unfortunately. We are not able to manage this type of economy, especially those who decide (politicians)

Globalisation is a challenge for all. Can be a opportunity and a threat, but it is inevitable in many sectors. The main problem is that some companies, countries   practice a export strategy that is very disruptive. The main plane is to destroy local industry aiming a future profit. By other way, forces companies to be more productive, at least the ones who survive...


I agree to your comments. Thanks

globalizacion is a great oportunity if you have the product and the money to do bussines

The main problem is that some companies, countries practice a export strategy that is very disruptive.

Globalization it's not good for all, because  big company eat small company. I live in Estonia and I see it in our shops. Only a few of products from our country.

I think that's because those products are comparatively inferior. Globalization offers people more choices of good products.