Listen to part of a radio programme where a manager is talking about dealing with staff.

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Hi everybody from Spain,

I manage a staff of 20 people and I think the most importat think is to know how to keep your staff motivate at anytime, in addition to treat each one of them in a different way according with their personality and way of work.

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Dear sir,
I don't understand these sentences "And then there’s the sheer variety. You plan your work, you have to get yourself well organised, but ultimately no two days are ever the same" mean?
Can you please explain these sentences. Thank you very much! Have a nice night!

Hello quynhanhNT,

'And then there's the...' is an expression used when we want to add some extra information or an extra argument to what we are saying.

I'm not sure what part of the rest of the sentence is not clear for you - it is all quite literal in meaning.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you, sir!
How about this sentence " Well, I did the standard round of applications from university and this is my second employer" It means like: I learnt the subject "managing staff" at university, I know a basic of managing staff subject, and already worked in this field before?
Have a nice night, sir!

Hello quynhanhNT,

'I did the standard round of applications' means that the speaker sent out many applications, as is normal.

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The LearnEnglish Team

It's really difficult to manage people but if you pay attention to the way you choose to communicate them your decisions it can turn the job easier than it is

It is not difficult to work as a manager while still being respected by the staff. It is difficult to coach and guide the staff while your management was always meddled by an unfriendly boss for her personal interests.
You can attend different sort of courses or trainings on leadership skill, these will help you to learn the necessary theories and knowledge on leadership, but you may realize that some of them may just not practical in real life situation, you have to learn from the experience, suffering from the pain, correct it, re-trying and ultimately you will grasp the idea of being a good leader in different environment.    

i'm not very good at dealing with people, when talking about a difficult or awkward situation.i'm very clumsy and stammer badly, how can i turn out to be a manager of a group of people? but sometimes i try to do it but it doesn't always work. i do not own communicative skill . it seems negative but it's the day i hope i can change and think more positively .wish you good luck

What is the meaning of sheer variety in the last part of interview?

Hello Aida!
Remember, we have the Cambridge Online Dictionary available on all our web pages. If you have a look for sheer, you'll see the first adjective definition is this:
used to emphasize how very great, important or powerful a quality or feeling is;
So sheer variety in the interview means there is a very great or very big variety of different kinds of work to do.
Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team.