Professionals Podcasts - Work burnout

Listen to the guests on this radio chat show speaking about the difference between work-related stress and burnout.

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It came to be known that work burnout is much different from stress and more serious than the latter.
Luckily, Steve had been detected in time and with the support of his family and friends, finally the psychologist Pam helped him got back his health again. But to my surprise, Steve didn't need to take any medicine, he just relied on meditating besides doing normal things like exercise, socializing, walking and meeting friends for coffee.

It is a good word do express some kind of situtation.

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Could someone explain me what mean "... all dried up..."?
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'Dried up' just means 'completely dry.' If you read the text before and after this phrase, it will tell you the meaning in this context.
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Very interesting speech, it helped me learning many words.
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When the employees don't be felt well and motivated on the workplace perhaps they start to suffer all illnesses, stress, burnout, mental fatigue, among other. In this case it's necessary to change of work or take a rest.
Good article because work burnout is very common nowadays.

This work burnout will affect the daily life

Hello. here in Mexico it is a big problem most people may have this problem and dont even know it. i am going to share this info with my friends.
very helpful.
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hi i can't find out this problem can you tell me what the problem is? thanks