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So, I’m a polar bear, right? Got that? A polar bear. Not one of those brown bears that live in forests and on mountains. One of those big white ones, you know, surely. Where do I live?

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Elena Startseva from Russia writes “First of all I would like to express my gratitude for raising the problem of the global warming in such an unusual, though extremely depressing way.
It can hardly be argued that all the changes we face nowadays in the climate and environment are all direct results of our progress. I, personally, tend to think that the only way to slow down the process of nature's destruction is to raise awareness of people all over the world of the vile consequences we may face in the forthcoming future (sadly, we cannot count on any considerable improvement, but only that the situation will not deteriorate). The main problem is that most of the tycoons would not seriously fancy the situation when people reject using their cars, or will travel less because of the carbon dioxide emissions.
So just to sum up: personally, I am ready to give up using my car and I am actually looking forward to that (I am sick and tired of the traffic jams and smog). I am absolutely sure that if it could be legislated that every city would have to cut down the number of the cars to, let's say, just 20%, polar bears would probably lead a more bearable existence.”

Rajani Saran Gupta writes “I liked this story very much. After reading it, I felt a great affection towards them. They are completely harmless. It is true that humans are causing global warming. The government should impose strict laws against polluting the environment. The men who live in the North Pole should also raise their voice against pollution in the poles. If they become an endangered species, then they should be brought into zoos so that we can save their species.”

Adel Alg writes “It's a very pretty story and I wished it wasn’t so short. For the problem taken by this story is very complicated and it concerns most of the big companies throughout the world, especially in America. Please save the wild life!”

Ayesha Rehman writes “I really enjoyed listening to the story, it was very interesting. Well Done. Brilliant work. This Story does leave you with a thought and a message.”

Ko Lin Aung Han writes “I was very sad to read this story. But it is a true. Nowadays, we have to face up to global warming. In preventing this, individuals in the world have a responsibility to reduce eco gas emissions, use CFC approved air conditioners, to love the country. So that I can expect that the next generation will be able to see such sweet, smiley polar bears and cheeky (like that polar bear said in the story) walruses.”

Anna Evans writes “Well, as is perfectly shown in this little story, the whole issue of polar bears is critical. The story really showed us how we, people, are “in charge" of our planet. Whatever we do affects not only us but our little friends - animals. It is very sad that things like these are happening. Imagine it is only from the point of view of polar bears. What about other animals?”

Yasin Hutoglu writes “I considered our lifecycle and decided that humans are killers. Imagine being a bull in spain ... and the other animals ... Then imagine our comfortable life … Dont forget that we are melting our iceberg and all of us are bears.”

Ruwani Fernando writes “This is very good story and I am very sad about this situation. Environmental pollution is directly affecting these animals, and if we do not reduce the environmental pollution, our future generations will not be able to see polar bears in their natural habitat.”

Carla Morales from Peru writes “I think polar bears are so important to us, they are such beautiful animals and it's our responsibility to look after them. We must develop an sensitization campaign against pollution, and in my way of thinking, there should be a natural reserve just for polar bears to protect them. As far as I am concerned polar bears don’t have too much food and icebergs are disappearing. I think that this story explains in a easy and very sentimental way how polar bears are suffering right now and this text should be published on many sites to become very popular and make people know that polar bears have feelings and they could all die.”

Roshan Naik writes “Although the story talks about polar bears, it has smartly inculcated deleterious effects on the environment caused by global warming. We have to maximize our efforts to reduce the green house gases (e.g. carbon dioxide) responsible for global warming. We have to also reduce encroachment/pollution in areas inhabited by polar bears so that we and our future generations can see polar bears in their natural habitat.”

François Menneson from Belgium writes “I think this story is a little sad. I can't image that polar bears will disappear one day. But it's true. The story resumes perfectly the currently situation for the Arctic animals. Now they use too much fat to swim between icebergs. So their fat stocks are decreasing in comparison with their day-to-day food. There’s a bad future for us and for them.”

Alison writes “Is it too late for human beings to prevent from deteriorating the global climate? I have no exact answer. But I think at least we can abate the pace of deteriorated global climate if we do something to protect our environment.”

Vuong Tuyen writes “It’s true. Nowadays we are very unscrupulous. We just pay attention to how we urbanise well, we don’t care about the evil of it. More and more toxic wastes in our environment. They make the weather change. Many houses and factories, and fewer trees and animals. The air is polluted! More disease threatens the humans! But they don’t care about that, they just know how to be richer! Terrible! Now, some countries, some people in the world have a sense of responsibility but I think it isn’t enough. Because the globe is warming, ice is thawing, and there are more floods!”

Abdul Razack writes “Iit is a good story and it helps me to know about human attacks on earth.”

Bank of India writes “Stop eco-gas emissions. Let the developed world show the way rather than expecting the underdeveloped one to start. Let there be awareness among all to protect our earth.”

Noora Salem Khalaf Muftah Sanqoor Al Mazrooei writes “Control population; raise awareness among people; reduce the factories emissions; reduce using chemical spray.”

 I like these seriess so much!

OH  poor polar bears.

So,I'm a Human.

I must make an apology to you Polar bears and walruses and all of animals and lives on the Earth.It's quite obvious that humans are polluting the air and seas.

It's quite obvious that humans are cutting down large number of trees and are destroying forests.And we are producing lot of rubbish and carbon dioxide.

Human need to be more patient with lot of desires.

We must do our best not to pollute our  environment.

this story wan very funny but its means not funny anymore
we have to preserve our enviroment ! No more destroy!

this lesson has many meaning. great!  ^.^

It was interesting story.I like,that,the bear is talking about the problem of global warming.I dont know what we can do,but world is wonderfull with all members 

Poor Polar bears! The world is warmer and warmer day by day.
People use air conditioner to make ourselves cool, people use motor cars to go from one place to  another place faster, people use mobile phones and computers to communicate each other around the world, people clear the green grass and forest to build more buildings, more factories and roads, and they forget about the global warming. 
In city, we don't have a place to plant a tree. I'm thinking if we can plant a tree each, there will be 7 billion trees for our next generation. Isn't it a good idea? 
How do you think?

Dear Adam! Nowadays I'm preparing for IELTS (academic) and britishcouncil is helping me in most cases Thanks for that! I look some IELTS books and I thinks it is a bit difficult to me so far. after that I'm hesitating that I will be able to get best score at IELTS and study abroad. My level is intermediate. All I want is I need some useful tips to get best score at IELTS (academic). Can you help me what I should do/ Please! I wait for your answer.

It´s sad that all the beauty of nature people are destroying their behavior.
The worst is that it kills nature, animals and people apart.
Already extinct many species of animals and our selfish behavior.
Sometimes ashamed, of the fact that I´m human.

Good One !!!
When i am reading the story it seems like too lengthy and later on interesting, it clearly explains the worries of global warming produced by the humans and which cause lot of damage to the humans as well as other wild like animals.
"Prevention is better than cure" we have to take appropriate actions to reduce the global warming like, reducing the usage of Motors, refrigerators in earlier stage than later stage and growing trees will benefit a lot to protect global warming.
It's not going to happen with one country , all countries together and make a decision towards the global warming.
The story attracted me, at least i will plant a tree as a duty against protection of global warming.