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Pre-intermediate: A2


I give information and instructions to students about their courses, homeworks, and exams.

Who do you have to give information and instructions to? What about?
I give information and instructions for new trainers in my construction project , i tell them instructions of safety and emergency. and how they can deal with labors.

Who do you have to give information and instructions to? What about?

Normally I give instructions to my team mates. It is about daily target, work progress and reports at various levels.

I gave information and instructions to new colleagues that arrived at the company. For example, they needed to learn the working of the lab equipments and I had to explain to them how they turn on, their operations conditions, preparation of samples, the actual development of the tests, etc.

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In my job I have to give informations and instructions to my colleagues, but it's difficult sometimes in getting indications which are fully understood by them. Maybe I don't clearly express my intentions or they lack any kvowledges of their tasks.

i give nobody the instructions and information. i work for myself

Hi everyone welcome, this week our topic is about to improve our marketing. we will talk about outside marketing. First, we have to come early every day because of the parking problem.

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Hello every one here ,
well , i try to improve my listening through web site , it was very excited to learn that .
I found new words in transcript , the words at the following :
1/ Meantime .
2/I have two more quick points .
3/ Church .
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