In this video, four Premier League players talk about the sorts of films they like.

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the Tasks. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1


The Premier League players talked about the different sorts of film they like. In this first activity, you have to match the players with what they said about films.


Task 2


In this activity, you have to fill in the gaps in sentences about films with the correct words for the genres or types of films.


Task 3

Films – Passive voice

When we speak about films in English, we often use the passive voice. In this activity, you have to rearrange the sentences about a famous film. Do you know what film the sentences are about?


Task 4


Match the words or phrases to their definitions.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


My favourite movie is, actually not just a movie, I love "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy =)

I like the video because it shows real people answering the same questions we answer at school. I would also like to see other players who are playing in England now.
I don't have a favourite film. I love the cinema and I go as often as I can. Last weekend I saw Coco, the new Pixar animation film. It is about a Mexican boy who wants to be a musician but his family hates music. I saw it with my children and we all loved it.

I like this video because use real situations of British culture with fottbal players of Premiere League

My favourite film is I'm Sam.

I didn't know any of the players.

The video is beautiful and excited. I like very much.