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Birthday parties

Listen to a conversation about birthday parties between three friends to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Unfortunately, I am like Charles, prefer to be in the background. I used to have a big, fancy parties in my childhood, and it was always organised by my parents. Nowadays, as a grown-up I enjoy celebrating only among my family and close friends.

Celebrate no. My brothers come to my house on my birthday and we buy some food and watch a movie, something like that. something chill. I don't pay a lot of attention to my birthday. to me it’s not about celebrating one more year, instead to celebrate achievement, when it reach a goal or accomplish a personal challenge through the year. it is good to celebrate personal and short accomplishments.

I only celebrated my birthday party once in my life.I did remember all the details about this party.I reveived a birthday cake and other presents on this day.At first I did not know who send these things to me.After one hour later my ex boyfriend called me on phone and told about the presents he send to me.I was pleased to see a lovely birthday cake and some cosmetics as my first birthday presents.I will never forget that beautiful memory although he is not my boyfriend any longer.
Please correct my mistakes if you find out them.I am looking forward gettinh feedback from your team.Thank you!

Hello Maychin,

Thank you for your comment. It sounds like a great birthday!


I'm afraid we don't correct user posts on LearnEnglish, though we do read every one. We have many thousands of users and we are a small team here. It's just not possible for us to correct posts.



The LearnEnglish Team

When I was young, I used to celebrate almost every year my birthday. Now, that I am 28, I like celebrating my birthday according to my humour, for example if I prefer celebrating it with only few people I organize a party with only my besties, if, instead, i feel to celebrate with more people, i organize a party with not only my besties.

I do celebrate my birthday, but not too often.

Birthday parties are indifferent to me. I enjoy a lot more, a discreet meeting with my family and friends, or even celebrate in adventure activities with them.

I never enjoyed reaching my birthday and I never celebrated it since I was 12. The reason for this is that I become shy when everyone is there for me.

Celebrating birthdays is a habit that is effected by more than one factor. Some individuals do it because they are self-appreciated of themselves, and they want to attract others' attention. some people practice it just to comply with their community's expectations. I think that it is good to invite friends and relatives and entertain them, but not to waste a lot of money or to behave inappropriately.

No,i don’t like to celebrate birthday either.