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Catching up after a trip

Listen to two friends talking about a recent trip abroad to practise and improve your listening skills.

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I am not a travel person but my last travel to a hill station around 100-150 kilometers from Mumbai (a city in India). Group of 5 people, including me we went there for almost 3 days and we enjoyed so much out there. It was lots of fun. We rode horses and drove go-kart and much more. I definitely recommend to my others going there and explore a little more with carrying a little more time.

The last place I travelled to was Sardinia (Italy). I really recommend to everyone who wants to see unchantable see but also discover ancient and truly fascinating traditions such as that of sardinians. It is also possible to visit a lof of museum, traditional villages and other many tourist sites, such as "i Nuraghi", prehistoric constructions typical of the nuragic civilization.

My last trip to abroad was in January, right before the covid restrictions. We travelled to the south part of Cyprus, to Paphos. It was beautiful, the country, and in this area you can meet beach, mountains, sunshine and snow within a few miles. Foods were very tasty but it wasn’t surprising for me since I love mediterranean cuisine. The only problem was the winter and not because of the weather but the few people - few open restaurants and shops actually. Of course, I totally understand the locals - they don’t have to open their businesses for only some people. Still, I recommend to visit Cyprus in winter mainly if you are curious about the landscape of the country and want to be in a calm place.

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The last place I travelled to was Zaria. Yes, i would.

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Last year my family decided that Spain will be our next destination . So a month ago, we were in Madrid but to be honest, I did not enjoy staying in Madrid as much as i enjoyed staying in Barcelona . But however, one of the things that i liked about Madrid is its streets and neighborhoods , you can see many amazing ancient architect designs all over the city. Plus, the weather was really good. We went there in summer so i dont know how winter feels like there, but i suspect its very cold . Now about the accommodation ,we were very lucky with it ,and we stayed in a nice hotel that was located in the center area of the city. I remember that we saw
the most scenic views of the city through the windows that were in our room . So in the end, I really enjoyed my trip to Spain, and I would recommend this place to all my friends.

My last trip outside of my own country was to Berlin. Multicultural and vivid capital of Germany. Along with Berlin we have visited Potsdam, city of around 200.000 inhabitants and calm lifestyle, historically a part of Eastern Germany. We were in Berlin and Potsdam partly for a business purposes, however we still had some free time to look around. Difference in an architecture and neighbourhoods are astonishing, but what amazed me the most is rich recent history that Berlin has, from II World War uptil now. I would recommend everyone to visit Berlin, take a few days to truly discover the city and it's inhabitants, which are of different nationalities and ethnicities, unlike in any other city I had visited so far.