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Challenges at work

Listen to four people talking about different business challenges to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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I frequently face the rigid submission deadlines as part of my job. They are usually the deadlines for submitting the funding requests. The submission is online for all of them and is closed at the given time.

Normally, I start preparing a proposal around two weeks time before the deadline. This is a fair amount of time required for the preparation. However, I am collaborating with other colleagues who are located in other countries. This means I need their comments and agreement on the proposal. This is the tricky part as their responses come at different times and even sometimes just an hour before the deadline. Hence, simultaneously, handling their comments, avoiding typos due to that last minutes rush and conserving the coherent message of the proposal become really challenging!

yeah alot, one of my frequent challenge at work that my working time isn't fixed; so i have to deal with this variation and go on with everything, it makes me get exhausted sometimes but i should do my work propely

hello, could you please tell me how t download the audios?

Hi Persepolis, you can download the audio. Right click over the player and select the option "save audio as", that is in firefox (English language) but another browsers have similar features.

Hi Persepolis,

I'm afraid the audio is only accessible on the page and cannot be downloaded.



The LearnEnglish Team

I do face challenges at work but it is ok. Everytime, I feel sad or stress, I go out for walk or I go to pagoda to pray. I also chatting with my friend about my difficult time. I love my job so the challenges at work is nothing with me.

Thank for this topic it was very interesting i have learnt more about.

It was a useful topic, thanks .

Permit me begin by thanking you for this lesson. It is inspiring and motivating. As an assistant to a Chairman, I face challenges of various types. First as a young woman, secondly as the assistant to the chairman and last but not the least as an individual with a competence that overpowers the job I currently undertake. In the first case, I am a young woman who respects herself and thus respect others. If at any point in a relationship I feel uneasy, I will simply withdraw politely. In the second case, everyday I thrive to meet up with the expectations and go beyond. In the last case, I created a sphere were I mingle my background in international communication and public action with my job as assistant to the chairman to create a greater impact. It is not always an easy task but I do my optimum best everyday. Thanks again for this lesson.

Thank you once more. I like this lesson very much. And I enjoy British English.