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Organising a group project

Listen to people organising a group project and answer the questions to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Beginner: A1


I would like to study with my closed friends.I often invite them to study to my home.It is more convenient for us to focus on the subjects because we aren't disturbed by anyone.

I would like to read hostel room with best friends. We debat some issues internal or external. We also make coffee and enjoy with learning. We don't accept disturbance by anyone. All of people in hostel scared us. So no one disturbing.

I would like a quite place where I could focus and learn more so probably the best place to study is in the library where I could have or get more resources like books and or at home in my room with the closed door.

I like to study with my friends in the park or in their houses

I like to work at a Café or at meeting rooms that are inside some libraries.

Honestly, I tend to study somewhere with no distractions. So, the best place can be a library or my house for gathering with my friend in order to study and research.

In my case, when we organizing a group project of the university, stay the meeting an specific hour, but always someone of the group doesn't go to the meeting xd

We study with friends on zoom, but I would like to meet our library of university. This days we have unusual situation.

What accents are these in?

Hello kkt,

Cara's accent is Scottish. I would guess around Edinburgh, but I'm not an expert on Scottish regional varieties.

Robert's accent is from the north-west of England: Lancashire or the Manchester region.

Selim's accent is a southern English accent. It doesn't have very strong regional features, so it's hard to place it specifically, but it would probaby be somewhere in the region sometimes called the Home Counties - the counties around London from Essex to Oxfordshire.



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