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A phone call from a customer

Listen to the phone call from a customer to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


yes if he or she be my important customers ,I will extend the payment term.I know cash flow is important but my customer is most important then it.

I am very happy when I can listen to the recording and answer 100% correctly , my progress in English incredible. In 2019 i was set plan to passing IELTS exam but unfortunately I didn't achieve my goal because I am prepare my dissertation in pediatric nursing and my title is "Medication errors in pediatric hospital, main causes and leading factor and attitude and report from nurses opinion.
I hope to every one here to achieve his dreams in 2020 .
Much appreciated to British council for helping us.

kind regards

Yes, I do when necessary.

In my idea, all of us should support together in each field.

When I was a Credit Marketing Officer in finance company. Sometimes I need to assist my costumer, particulary the customer which I have known for a long time and they are had good payment. I had paid my costomer instalment with my cash. Definitly, My costumer paid back my money after several time.

I remember when I was a seller, I made sometimes some favors to my customers whether giving them an extension or reducing the bill; it is with this mind you can keep your best customers and even more develop your business. I think that the favors sometimes strengthen our community life and make us to be closer.

I think that we could accept the special case to solve problem for customers. But important thing is we ensure to control the risk. with that way , we could build strong cooperation with customer.

yes, I would make an exception to an important client because it's good for business to have loyal clients and it will also build a good trust & communication between the client and company.

Yes, I often make exceptions for clients, but it depends on if I know the person well. If I don't know the person good enough I'll follow the regulations.

As far as im concerned i have already been learning English for 2 years.I know grammar part on high level but,ufortunately,i didnt pay attention to learning new words.I regret it