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A team meeting about diversity

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We've got a really diverse team. We have people of different nationalities, religions male and female, young and old.
Diversity is a significant factor in keeping workers happy and retaining them.
Businesses that emphasize diversity as part of their companies policy are actually more profitable.
Employees ultimately feel more comfortable at work despite their difference, noting that a commitment to their culture is a commitment to them.
Teams that are able to talk out their differences and discuss cultures ultimately grow closer. Accepting diversity makes a teem creative and innovative. It also makes the team more akin to family and community, versus somewhere to pick up a paycheck.

PS: In my text above I wrote a sentence " Employees ultimately feel.....
Is this sentence correct? or should I write "Ultimately employees feel....
Thank you

Hello Nikolaos

Both word orders are fine, though I think putting 'ultimately' first is a little more natural. If you put 'ultimately' first, there should be a comma after it: 'Ultimately, employees feel ...'

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The LearnEnglish Team

Well, I am a teacher and I believe that diversity is necessary to promote a human education. Our society needs more people aware of the value of different cultures, traditions and beliefs, because these can help improve things. For example, in my country, Colombia, indigenous communities have a respectful relationship with the land and the environment. They believe that natural resources, such as water, are gods, and should take care of them. However, indigenous people are often victims of displacement and murder because of their beliefs. This is a shameful and unfortunate situation, and teachers have many things to do about it.

Diversity in workplace can have postive impact on business if it's well adressed by managers. The difference in culture, in habits, religion, accent and in mother langage doesn't have relationship with work performance. So rules must be written by managers based on egality, integrity and respect. This is a requirement to build a work environment where every employee can make the maximum effort and bring added values to acheive his objectives and contribute to acheive the global employer's business objectives. This also gives the employees the same opportunities to evolve and be satisfied.

Although there are many cultures and religions in my country, the problem of diversity has not caused much trouble.

My class is very diverse with many students from different countries. We can learn about each other's culture, language and good habits. In addition, we can explore many traditions from many countries.

My workplace is very diverse, we are several people with different professions, in different areas, this is the great benefit, it allows us to have different solutions to the same problem.

I believe it can for a certain degree , but employees should accept the differences in culture,religion,traditions , work ethics , different views to the world , attention to details. otherwise, conflict might arise.
for me I am very open minded and I like to mingle with people around the world , and reckon that it positively influences work environment for a lot of reasons.
Firstly,it helps people to to know a little more about the different cultures of its members.
Secondly, it can benefit the team to come up with diverse opinions to daily troubles or , wide variety of possible solutions
Promoting equality and accepting diversity in a company might manifest itself in things like gathering the whole team regularly in a venue where all employees are included
Or creating a charter of work ethics where issues like difference, fighting isolation and promoting inclusion are paid attention to.

I disagree.
It is a promotion of multiculturalism and tolerance.
Do you know a story about the Tower of Babel?
It's meaning that peoples of different languages and cultures can't work together doing common things.

hey, I've read the peoples opinions, you are the only one directly disagree that idea. And ı couldn't understand your reason and the relation between the examle you mentioned about Tower Babel, properly. So can you please extend your opinion why you are disagree ? Have you ever been in a group work or project whichs members are from diffirent etnique groups, religions, life standards, ages.. etc. Which kind of problem have you experienced?